the Electric Circuit Launches its Brand New Mobile App for Electric Vehicle Owners!

The Electric Circuit, the largest public charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) in Québec, is unveiling today its completely revamped mobile app. The app is sure to become an indispensable tool for all electric vehicle drivers.

Available for free download [This link will open a new window. This link will redirect you to an external site.]  on Apple and Android mobile devices, the new Electric Circuit mobile app offers more features and a more modern, user-friendly interface.

New features

The new app delivers enhanced basic features, enabling users to locate, identify and activate charging stations remotely, view their charging history, monitor charging and automatically add funds to their Electric Circuit card.

The map used to find charging stations has also been enhanced. Its simplified interface now lets users better locate the Electric Circuit’s 2,500-odd public charging stations all across Québec as well as stations that are part of partner networks.

In addition, the user experience is also better than ever, with users now able to customize their profile according to their vehicle. The app also makes it easier to submit comments about a specific location or charging station and to personalize notification preferences.


“The 2020 version of the Electric Circuit app aims to take the customer experience to the next level. All of its features–whether improved, overhauled or completely new–are designed with the users in mind, with a view to helping them plan their EV trips. We are very proud of the app, and we can’t wait for feedback from our members. Driving electric has never been so easy and enjoyable!”

Source: Hydro-Quebec
Date: Jun 1, 2020