GE Vernova and EnergyHub Announce Partnership to Enhance DER
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Sep 26, 2023

GE Vernova and EnergyHub Announce Partnership to Enhance DER Management and Grid Optimization

  • Partnership redefines how electric utilities manage DERs, expanding visibility and enabling better orchestration of these devices
  • Combines the grid optimization capabilities of GridOS DERMS with EnergyHub's DERMS resource formation capabilities and portfolio-based control of DERs
  • Empowers utilities to maximize the full potential of DERs by simplifying DER visibility and management, delivering enhanced load flexibility and unlocking new energy storage capacity

GE Vernova’s Digital business and EnergyHub, leaders in Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software, today announced an innovative partnership aimed at redefining how electric utilities manage distributed energy resources (DERs). This includes solar, energy storage, electric vehicles, and more, as these technologies are widely adopted across the energy landscape.

This partnership combines the advanced grid optimization capabilities of GE Vernova’s GridOS® DERMS with EnergyHub’s DERMS management and control over an extensive portfolio of grid-edge DERs. The result is a comprehensive and scalable solution designed to streamline the management of these emerging energy assets. By combining these capabilities, utilities are enabled to build large DER aggregations, deliver enhanced load flexibility across the grid, unlock new energy storage capacity, and make data-driven decisions that optimize grid performance, ultimately leading to improved customer experiences.

“Together, we can empower utilities to unlock the full potential of emerging energy sources within the grid. By adopting our joint solution, utilities can accelerate their grid modernization initiatives today and prepare for the grid of the future,” said Mahesh Sudhakaran, General Manager, Grid Software at GE Vernova’s Digital business. “By leveraging best-in-class grid optimization and edge controls, GE Vernova and EnergyHub are at the forefront of a new era of intelligent DER management.”

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"We are excited to partner with GE Vernova’s Digital business to transform the way utilities manage and optimize power grids," said Seth Frader-Thompson, EnergyHub CEO. "By harnessing the power of intelligent DER management and load flexibility, utilities can achieve a more reliable and efficient grid, while also empowering their customers to actively participate in the energy transition. This partnership represents a significant step forward in enabling a more sustainable and intelligent energy future."

GridOS DERMS is an enterprise solution that helps utilities efficiently orchestrate the rapid expansion of DERs. With more than 90 customers and over 127 million managed utility service points around the globe, GridOS DERMS equips grid operators with a comprehensive suite of modular applications to oversee every aspect of the DER journey—from their initial integration, visualization, and ongoing operation of control and optimization. Essential features include advanced forecasting, robust system violation resolution, real-time DER management and dispatch, and economic optimization through access to wholesale and local services markets. Built on the foundation of the GridOS platform, the industry’s first end-to-end grid orchestration software portfolio, GridOS DERMS embraces a modern software approach with an innovative, secure architecture tailored to accelerate grid modernization.

EnergyHub's DERMS provides an enterprise-wide platform to build and orchestrate grid-edge DER portfolios. Over 60 utilities use the platform today, managing more than one million DERs and 1.7 GW of dispatchable capacity. Leveraging the largest ecosystem of DERs in the industry, EnergyHub’s DERMS manages the full lifecycle of utility DER management, from resource formation and asset management to flexibility forecasting to localized DER dispatch and optimization.

Utilities looking to enhance their grid service capabilities and maximize the value of their DERs can contact either GE Vernova’s Digital business or EnergyHub to learn more about this partnership.

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