Enphase Energy Launches New IQ8 Microinverters for High-Powe
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Jun 28, 2023

Enphase Energy Launches New IQ8 Microinverters for High-Powered Solar Modules in Germany

Enphase Energy, Inc, a global energy technology company and the world's leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, announced today that it has started shipping IQ8™ Microinverters, with peak output AC power of 384 W, in Germany to support newer high-powered solar modules.

The new IQ8 Microinverters are designed to maximize energy production and can manage a continuous DC current of 14 amperes, supporting higher powered solar modules through increased energy harvesting. The three new microinverters – IQ8MC™, IQ8AC™, and IQ8HC™ – feature a peak output power of 330 W, 366 W, and 384 W, respectively and are designed to seamlessly pair with a full range of solar modules up to 560 W DC. All IQ8 Microinverters activated in Germany come with a 25-year warranty from Enphase.

“The new IQ8 Microinverter allows us to design higher-powered home energy systems for increased energy independence,” said Christian Quadt, CEO at Quadt Energy. “Enphase’s simplistic yet sophisticated microinverter design makes system installation easy and customizable to meet our customers’ varying energy needs.”

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“Homeowners in Germany trust us to provide them with industry-leading solar energy solutions that are powerful, safe, and reliable,” said Daniel Gnann, CEO at Solarhyp, a leading energy solutions provider in Europe. “The new IQ8 Microinverter is the best-in-class solution that our installers trust to power a high-efficiency, long-lasting home energy solution.”

The Enphase® Energy System™ integrates with the IQ™ Gateway, which can be connected to the internet to enable over-the-air updates, and connect to the Enphase® App monitoring platform. The IQ Gateway and IQ® Microinverters make per-panel energy monitoring and insights for operations and maintenance simple for homeowners.

“The IQ8-powered Enphase Energy System unlocks maximum value from the sun and, with the Enphase App, offers transparency into system performance so homeowners can optimize their systems as their energy requirements evolve,” said Peter Rück, managing director at Enerix Ansbach. “Enphase has built an end-to-end energy solution, and we’re proud to expand our offering of the IQ8 family of microinverters.”

“We’re witnessing growing demand for our home energy solution in Germany, and we’re thankful to our installer partners in the region for their hard work delivering our suite of Enphase products to homeowners and businesses,” said Marco Krapels, vice president of international sales at Enphase Energy. “The latest line of IQ8 Microinverters unlocks unparalleled performance for high-powered solar modules, helping to further Germany's goal of achieving 65 percent clean energy by 2030.”

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