Enphase Energy Expands Solar Deployments With Installers in
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Jun 22, 2023

Enphase Energy Expands Solar Deployments With Installers in Brasilia

 Enphase Energy, Inc., a global energy technology company and the world's leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, announced today that installers of Enphase® products in Brasilia have seen a significant increase in deployments of residential solar energy systems powered by IQ7AM™ Microinverters.

“After selling our first Enphase system installation in June 2022, we made the switch to offer Enphase products exclusively due to the strength of the company’s best-in-class technology, customer support, and installer services,” said Murilo Vidigal, project director at Mavo Engenharia. “Our customers with Enphase-powered solar systems report great peace of mind thanks to a reduced need for ongoing maintenance and a highly customizable design that allows them the opportunity to grow their system as their energy needs evolve.”

IQ7AM Microinverters leverage Enphase’s unique software-defined architecture and semiconductor integration for excellent reliability and economies of scale. Enphase microinverters are subjected to a rigorous durability and quality testing regimen with more than one million hours of power-on testing to provide exceptional performance under heat, high humidity, salty air, extreme cold, and harsh climate conditions. The company’s microinverters are backed by a 20-year warranty in Brasilia.

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Satellite Solar Cell Materials Market - Analysis and Forecast, 2024-2034

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“We are offering Enphase microinverters for condominiums across Brasilia as a way to further differentiate our products and services,” said Adriano Coury, partner director at Solar Enerji. “Condominiums are a large, underserviced market in Brasilia and Enphase products’ high-performance capabilities and durable architectures provide maximum reliability and a superior customer experience.”

Enphase microinverter systems integrate with the IQ™ Gateway, which can be connected to the internet to enable over-the-air updates and connect to the Enphase® App monitoring platform. The IQ Gateway and IQ® Microinverters are designed to make per-panel energy monitoring and insights for operations and maintenance simple for homeowners.

“One of the many things our team of installers in Brasilia loves about Enphase microinverters is their plug-and-play design that simplifies solar system design and streamlines installation,” said Jair Medeiros, partner director at Siella Solar. “This means that our team can get projects up-and-running more efficiently so that homeowners can start seeing the benefits of solar faster. We also have a lot less need to service customers post-installation, which helps us focus our business resources on new customers.”

“At Enphase, we take great pride in our collaboration with installers across Brasilia to deploy industry-leading solar energy systems,” said Marco Krapels, vice president of international sales at Enphase Energy. “Together, we’re committed to delivering world-class clean energy products that offer homeowners in Brasilia reliability, safety, savings, and monitoring capabilities.”

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