Enphase Energy Expands Solar and Battery Storage Deployments
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Jun 13, 2023

Enphase Energy Expands Solar and Battery Storage Deployments in Austria

Enphase Energy a global energy technology company and the world's leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, today announced that installers of Enphase products in Austria have seen an increase in deployments of Enphase Energy Systems, powered by IQ Microinverters and IQ Batteries.

“Austrian homeowners and businesses are increasingly coming to us looking for a safe, reliable home energy solution to power their lives,” said Jan-Michael Zumbach, CEO of Pvplus GmbH. “The Enphase Energy System with IQ Microinverters and IQ Batteries is a top choice for homeowners looking to invest in their energy future.”

“We’re proud to offer homeowners across Austria some of the highest-performing home solar and battery technology available from Enphase so homeowners can utilize clean, reliable energy,” said Norbert Gabriel, owner of Elektrohaus GABRIEL GmbH. “The system’s modular architecture is easy to install and maintain and, above all, delivers exceptional performance.”

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Solar Tracker Market Report 2023-2033

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Enphase delivers an enhanced solar-plus-battery solution which does not expose installers or homeowners to high-voltage DC. Enphase IQ Batteries feature Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, which provides a long cycle life and smooth operation through excellent thermal stability. Enphase IQ Batteries accommodate over-the-air software upgrades for enhanced longevity and come with a 15-year limited warranty in select European countries, including Austria. Enphase’s IQ Microinverters are designed to be long-lasting energy assets and are backed by a 25-year limited warranty in Austria. Homeowners can also use the Enphase App to monitor performance and intelligently manage their system.

Enphase systems are outfitted with the IQ Gateway, which connects an Enphase-based solar system to the Enphase App monitoring platform and helps make per-panel energy monitoring and insights for operations and maintenance easy.

“We’ve seen impressive demand for Enphase’s industry-leading microinverter and battery technology, which together unlock energy savings and more sustainable living,'' said David Selmi, CEO of DS ELEKTRO GmbH. “The Enphase Energy System’s user-friendly monitoring capabilities provides detailed insights into system performance and allows homeowners to optimize their energy usage to meet their unique needs.”

Enphase began production shipments of microinverters from its contract manufacturer Flex in Romania earlier this year. With the Flex Romania factory, Enphase has increased its global capacity of microinverters, enabling Enphase to improve delivery times to European customers while addressing the region’s rapid growth and demand for residential solar.

“The demand for residential solar and battery storage across Europe continues to grow as homeowners look to take control of their energy,” said Marco Krapels, vice president of international sales at Enphase Energy. “We’re proud to partner with leading installers in Austria to provide the country’s businesses and homeowners with clean, reliable solar energy and help support Austria’s goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030.”

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