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Alliant Energy Joins Ameren-led Coalition to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Across the Midwest

  • Increased Infrastructure Collaboration Offers Assist for Growth of Clean, Electric Vehicles

Midwest electric vehicle (EV) drivers can now travel even farther with an expanding charging network. In 2020, Ameren announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration among Midwest energy companies that committed in good faith to building a large, collaborative network of EV charging stations. Now the momentum continues, as Alliant Energy signs the Memorandum of Cooperation to further extend the network.

"Alliant Energy strives to be a leader in electrification initiatives and embraces innovative opportunities, like this one," said Terry Kouba , president of Alliant Energy's Iowa energy company. "Collaborations such as these enhance our purpose-driven strategy to serve customers and build stronger communities. Between our electric vehicle goal to have 100 percent of our active light-duty fleet vehicles electric by 2030 and now with our participation in the Midwest EV Charging Corridor Coalition, it's just one more way we are driving toward a more sustainable future that benefits everyone." 

Today's announcement comes during the 11 th annual National Drive Electric Week . A week that celebrates and draws attention to the pivotal role EVs and EV infrastructure have in creating a cleaner transportation future.

Electric Vehicles (EV) in Defense - Thematic Research

Electric Vehicles (EV) in Defense - Thematic Research

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"It's no coincidence that today's announcement comes during National Drive Electric Week," said David de Leon , president of Alliant Energy's Wisconsin energy company. "We understand the critical need for more charging stations available at convenient locations. By signing on to this collaboration, we can help increase the EV infrastructure necessary to assure customers that they will be able to charge up no matter where they are driving. In the long-run our customers and the communities we serve all benefit from a cleaner energy future."

As of this month, there are two million EVs on U.S. roads. This number is expected to increase to 18.7 million by 2030. To meet the demand, an estimated 9.6 million public EV charging stations will be needed, but only about 100,000 stations are in service today. With an expanded charging network, EV drivers will be able to travel from Wisconsin to Texas , and many routes in between, with plenty of locations to recharge along the way.

"A key to increasing adoption of electric vehicles is to give motorists confidence that convenient charging stations will be available for travel throughout the Midwest," said Richard Mark , chairman and president of Ameren Illinois. "Adding Alliant Energy to our coalition demonstrates that energy companies are united in our efforts to help prepare our customers for the transition to a cleaner and greener future."

"Just as we are transitioning to more clean energy to reduce carbon emissions, electric vehicles will be an important way for individuals and businesses to reduce their own impact on the environment," said Marty Lyons , chairman and president of Ameren Missouri. "We welcome Alliant Energy, as they join Ameren and other energy companies in making it easier to drive EVs throughout the Midwest by enabling convenient access to charging."

Alliant Energy joins Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois, as well as eight other utilities, to help EV drivers travel the Midwest with confidence. Other participants include Consumers Energy, DTE Energy, Duke- Indiana , Evergy, Liberty Utilities, MidAmerican Energy, Midwest Energy, and Oklahoma Gas and Electric. Together, these utilities serve customers across 11 states.

Ameren and Alliant Energy also have transportation fleet plans that include adoption of EVs. By 2030, both companies intend for 100% of their new light-duty vehicle purchases to be electric. In addition, Ameren will electrify 35% of its overall vehicle fleet, including light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, forklifts and ATV/UTV by 2030.

Utility programs supporting the Memorandum of Cooperation are subject to regulatory approvals and aim to have the charging infrastructure in place by the end of 2022.

Source: Ameren Corporation
Date: Sep 29, 2021

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