ClipperCreek Expands Dual Charging Station Line

  • The HCS-D50 is a 40 Amp Level 2 Dual Charging Station

ClipperCreek, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), just announced a 40 Amp dual electric vehicle (EV) charging station, available with either hardwired or plug-in options. The HCS-D50 is a 40 Amp level 2 station, installed onto a single dedicated 50A circuit, and can charge two vehicles simultaneously. The HCS-D50 automatically splits power between two vehicles based on the vehicles' requests for power, with up to 20 Amps of electricity each when both are charging and up to 40 Amps when one vehicle is charging. The HCS-D50 comes with ClipperCreek's best value features including 25 foot charging cables, a rugged, fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure and ClipperCreek's best in class 3-year warranty and outstanding customer support. The HCS-D50 starts at $1,479 from ClipperCreek.

"We launched the 32 Amp dual station several months ago and immediately began getting requests for a 40 Amp dual station," said Amanda Lance, Inside Sales Manager for ClipperCreek. "The HCS-D50 comes ready for wall mount installation and easily replaces an existing HCS-40P or HCS-50, allowing customers to avoid costly service upgrades and making it the perfect addition to ClipperCreek's Trade-UP! program." The Trade-UP! program allows prior ClipperCreek station owners to swap out their original stations with a dual charging station at a significant discount. The TradeUP! program is also available to commercial customers.

"The HCS-D50 is an outstanding value for our residential and commercial customers. We often hear about customers who got by with Level 1 charging with their first plug-in electric vehicle, but now have two or three EVs and the dual station is perfect in that situation," said Jason France, owner and founder of ClipperCreek. "Commercial customers are looking to add more charging spots without increasing costs to upgrade electrical infrastructure. Because these stations are installed on a 50 AMP circuit and split power, they are very economical to businesses who want to offer more charging to their customers and employees."

Source: ClipperCreek
Date: Aug 12, 2020