German Engineering Helps Advancing the Topic of Hydrogen As
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Jul 30, 2020

German Engineering Helps Advancing the Topic of Hydrogen As a Climate-Neutral Source of Energy

  • German start-up opens a new chapter in water electrolysis with eight patent applications
  • 25 years of expertise lead to economical PEM electrolysis stacks
  • Prometheus: High performance, low cost - thanks to innovations in design & materials
  • Clear goal: Green hydrogen for less than EUR 4/kg

Climate-neutral energy – generating it, storing it efficiently and making it available again. One of the central issues in the energy transition in order to achieve the global climate targets.

Hydrogen has long been regarded as the ideal solution here, but has yet to make the final breakthrough, even though the principle of splitting water (electrolysis) to generate energy is nothing new. Various companies around the world are working to increase the cost-effectiveness, possible applications and efficiency of the technology to such an extent that it can be used as a clean alternative source of energy in the everyday lives of individuals and companies. Especially in the industrial sector, there is a high energy demand, which must be covered in future in a climate-neutral and cost-effective way.

This is exactly where the German company HOELLER Electrolyzer and its Prometheus series come in: A range of extremely compact electrolysis stacks based on 25 years of expertise in PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) technology and eight patents pending. The first Prometheus will go into test operation in the third quarter of 2020.

Hydrogen Energy Storage Market Report 2022-2032

Hydrogen Energy Storage Market Report 2022-2032

Forecasts by Product Type (Hydrogen Gas, Hydrogen Liquid, Hydrogen Solid), by Storage Technology (Compression Storage Technology, Liquefaction Storage Technology, Material Based Storage Technology), by End-user (Industrial, Commercial, Utilities), by Application (Stationary Power, Portable Power, Transportation, Other) AND Regional and Leading National Market Analysis PLUS Analysis of Leading Companies AND COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Pattern Analysis

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Prometheus makes green hydrogen available on almost every company site

No matter whether you are a wind turbine operator, hydrogen filling station, or industrial enterprise/large-scale operation with fleets of trucks and forklifts or freight trains. In future, they all will need cost-effective and reliable energy solutions.

This is precisely what Prometheus electrolysis stacks offer. They are the easy-to-integrate, cost-effective and powerful centerpiece of climate-friendly hydrogen and thus energy production for every plant manufacturer.

The goal of engineer and company founder Stefan Höller: "We want to enable every company to produce green hydrogen independently, economically and decentrally on their company premises. Thanks to Prometheus, the price per kilogram of hydrogen will be below 4 euros."

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