CECO Environmental to Deliver Advanced Exhaust Solutions for
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Feb 14, 2022

CECO Environmental to Deliver Advanced Exhaust Solutions for New Clean Energy Power Plant in Australia

CECO Environmental Corp. (Nasdaq: CECE), a leading environmentally focused, diversified industrial company whose solutions protect people, the environment, and industrial equipment, today announced its Thermal Acoustics Business Unit's Aarding branded solutions has received an order to deliver two customer designed exhaust systems for a new clean energy, gas turbine power plant, located in New South Wales, Australia.

The power plant is designed as an alternative cleaner power generator, using natural gas as the primary source. The existing coal plant will be retired once the new 660MW open-cycle plant begins commercial production in December 2023. Aarding's gas turbine exhaust systems will enable the plant to meet or exceed the strict noise abatement requirements of the Australian government.  

Gas turbine exhaust systems, along with CECO's other pollution management technologies, are designed to increase equipment safety and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of noise pollution to protect nearby communities within the plant's service area. For example, a typical gas turbine produces sound in the range of 150dB, the equivalent of a jet airplane taking off at 25 meters. Aarding's exhaust system reduces the noise level at the turbine's stack exit to about 100dB, which is the equivalent of a lawnmower or power tool.

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"Most people don't think of noise when it comes to pollution, but noise abatement is often just as important as preventing the pollution of water and air quality.  CECO's industry leading gas turbine exhaust systems significantly reduce the noise output and will thereby protect the communities served by the plant," said Lars Theunissen, vice president and general manager, CECO Environmental Thermal Abatement.

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