308 Systems Provides Remote Cellular Internet Signal for Employee Safety and Risk Management

Municipal water storage and transportation happens in remote areas of the country, requiring employees to deploy remotely without communications for operations and safety needs.

Fires burn through remote areas leaving a burn scar, with lack of vegetation – creating muddy flash flood dangers that cannot be remotely monitored due to lack of communications.

Flood challenged dams and dikes require 24/7 monitoring as the rains come down, frequently in remote areas without communications access and requiring personnel to operate without safety communications.

Both public safety and employee safety are frequently compromised by lack of telephone and internet connectivity in the remote locations where Government operations have to happen.  Whether North Dakota floods, Colorado mountain lake water storage operations, or Arizona power transmission line maintenance, Mother Nature tends to challenge human operations throughout the country. This creates both employee operations issues, and Risk Management liability issues.

Of course, working around Mother Nature is much easier said than done. 308 Systems of Fort Collins has been asked to step in with a fixed site technology based upon their revolutionary mobile SATPAK and quickly enable Internet access at many remote Government sites. These systems relay satellite or cellular Internet signals into traditionally inaccessible areas like mountain valleys and canyons, or remote dams, water storage facilities, and similar Municipal/State/Federal property. "Due to the remote location and need for mission critical communications, we look at both satellite and cellular connections in these locations," said Mark Lueker, Director of Advanced Projects at 308 SYSTEMS.  "Fortunately, for cost reasons, we were able to grab a weak 256kbps cellular signal on one remote ridgeline and boost it to 4Mbps down inside the canyon at the stream gauge.  In another situation we were able to provide an 8 Mbps cellular signal at a remote mountain lake."  Risk Managers around the country are elated at the reduced liability provided by the SATPAK based fixed site cellular relay systems.

These remote fixed site cellular systems include solar power requiring very low maintenance, and typically deliver a 4-15Mbps cellular Internet speed into locations previously having zero internet access and hours away from civilization. The end result is reliable communication for Government employees and site monitoring, leading to enhanced protection of lives and property. As Andrew Stecklein from the Colorado Department of Transportation puts it, "308 [Systems] provided the expertise that was needed with the end result being an enhanced early flood warning system that is actively utilized in keeping the downstream town of Manitou Springs safe, as well as the 40,000 motorists that utilize US Highway 24 each day."  

Source: 308 Systems
Date: Oct 30, 2019