GE Renewable Energy & Stanton Energy Reliability Center implement Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine (EGT*) System with LA Basin Project

  • GE has reached agreement with Stanton Energy Reliability Center , LLC (SERC) to integrate Battery Energy Storage systems with two LM6000 Gas Turbines
  • The project is currently under construction in the Los Angeles Basin and will support energy generation for local reliability in the West Subarea
  • GE will provide the hybridization solution (EGT) for two Gas Turbines.

GE Renewable Energy announces today that it has reached agreement with SERC to integrate Battery Energy Storage systems with two LM6000 Gas Turbines. GE, along with Wellhead Power Solutions, will provide the Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine (EGT) modification solution to allow the two Gas Turbines to operate with the Battery Energy Storage systems as a 98 MW integrated hybrid resource.

The Hybrid EGT enables and Always On/Instant Response gas turbine without burning fossil fuels. In periods of high power demand, the LM6000 starts up quickly and can reach full power generation in 5 minutes, while the battery system is able to also provide immediate response for other actual or prospective services. Combining the gas turbines with a battery will allow the turbine to be off until its needed. The battery, always synchronized to the grid, will discharge stored energy while the gas turbine starts and reaches full power, which allows the system to be dispatched immediately and provide power when needed. This more economical solution will enable lower greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding constant spinning of the gas turbine.

In addition, allowing faster power generation for peak conditions will enable more renewable energy penetration onto the grid. “GE’s LM6000 Hybrid EGT combines a gas turbine and an energy storage system that enables immediate availability into the grid.” says Rob Morgan, Energy Storage CEO, GE Renewable Energy. “Systems like this can instantly provide power when demand rises or when intermittency lowers output from wind or solar sources and extend the service indefinitely thanks to the Gas Turbine assets taking over the load over time.”

The technology has been co-developed with Wellhead Power Solutions, the technology affiliate of the Wellhead Electric Company, an independent energy projects developer and power producer. The companies previously installed two Hybrid EGTs in Southern California, which has resulted in site emissions reduction of about 80% while enabling increased renewable energy penetration onto the grid.

The project is currently under construction in the Los Angeles Basin. The battery energy storage components are expected to be delivered at the end of 2019 and, for the Hybrid EGT to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2020.

“Hybrid technologies will help unlock new revenue and value streams in the renewable energy industry.” says Hal Dittmer, President of Wellhead Power Solutions, co-developer of the EGT*. “The Hybrid EGT technology proves that energy generation sources integrated with storage systems is an optimal method to reliably increase renewable energy penetration on the grid.”

*Trademark of General Electric Company.

Source: General Electric (GE)
Date: Apr 15, 2019