Community College of Allegheny County Selects Envision Solar EV ARC Solar Charging Station for Public Charging

Envision Solar International, Inc., (OTCQB: EVSI) (“Envision Solar,” or the “Company”), the leading producer of unique and sustainable infrastructure products for electric vehicle charging, energy security and outdoor media, announced that Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) has selected the Company’s EV ARC™ product to provide emissions-free EV charging for public vehicles. The order marks the first community college to purchase the EV ARC™ product.

“CCAC is proud to be the first community college in the nation to use Envision Solar’s EV ARC charging stations on our campuses. This is one more example of how the college has embraced green technologies, which is also evidenced by our commitment to seeking zero energy certification status for CCAC’s new Workforce Training Center, as well as the college’s partnership with the U.S. Energy Department’s Better Buildings Challenge and the Pittsburgh 2030 District,” said CCAC’s Chief Facilities Officer J.B. Messer.

CCAC selected the EV ARC™ product because it is a rapidly-deployed electric vehicle charging infrastructure solution that is tested, proven and emissions-free. The purchase of the EV ARC™ will be made with funds from the Allegheny County Health Department’s Clean Air Fund. The purpose of the Clean Air Fund is to receive and disperse penalties and fines to support activities to improve air quality in Allegheny County. As a result of a federal consent decree, FirstEnergy Corp provided funding to the Health Department for environmentally beneficial projects at CCAC. The environmentally beneficial projects are solar panel installations at two campuses and an electric car charging station. The system does not require any disruptive construction or cause any harmful pollution, and it enables drivers to fuel their EVs with clean, renewable energy.

“The City of Pittsburgh is already using our products to take ambitious steps towards the electrification of transportation and we view community colleges in Pennsylvania and other states as a great market just as universities already are,” said Envision Solar CEO, Desmond Wheatley. “We applaud the efforts of the Allegheny County Health Department for enabling the driving on sunshine experience as part of their emission reduction plans.”

According to the U.S. Department of Education - Digest of Education Statistics, there are 1,462 community colleges in the U.S. (2001 numbers). Cleantechinca recently reported that schools, like many other workplaces where people spend several hours at a time, are becoming hubs for EV charging. Envision Solar views schools as a significant market opportunity for the Company’s products.

Invented and manufactured in California, the patented EV ARC™ and EV ARC™ HP products fit inside single parking spaces without reducing available parking. EV ARC™ generates enough clean solar electricity to power up to 225 miles of EV driving in a day. EV ARC™ HP DC fast charging systems provide up to 1100 miles per day. The EV ARC™ system’s solar electrical generation is enhanced by EnvisionTrak™ (patented) which causes the solar array to follow the sun, generating up to 25% more electricity than a fixed array. The energy is stored in the EV ARC™ product’s on-board energy storage for charging day or night, and to provide EV charging and emergency power during grid failure. The EV ARC™ product is a permanent solution that provides Level I, Level II and DC Fast Charging but because it requires no trenching, foundations or installation work of any kind, it is deployed in minutes and can be moved to a new location with ease.  EV ARC™ products are manufactured in the company’s San Diego facility by combat veterans, individuals with disabilities, and other minority demographics and highly talented, mission-driven team members.

Source: Envision Solar International, Inc.
Date: Oct 4, 2018