Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2017
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Oct 6, 2017

Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2017

29 November, 2017 - 30 November, 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) estimates that only 6.5 percent of total global potential has been tapped so far. With recent developments in the industry, unlocking the potential for new untapped sources of geothermal energy production, we are entering a new dawn for the geothermal energy industry.

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Our 5th Global Geothermal Energy Summit will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With The Dutch governments ambitious plans to have all residential buildings to be off gas in 2050, geothermal energy has an important part to play in this transition. The conference will give the latest updates on the global geothermal energy market and its new developments. Showcasing new techniques and technologies that are paving the way for the sector and expanding the geographical regions where exploration can take place.

With Geothermal energy production being one of the lowest forms of CO2 producing energy sources, its development and worldwide deployment is vital in the reduction in worldwide targets for CO2 reduction. The two day event will provide key insights into the opportunities, challenges, global trends and policies, through expert led case study presentations, interactive sessions and discussions giving practical examples of planning, financing and technological strategies shaping the future of geothermal energy production whilst networking with industry peers from across the geothermal power value chain.

Passive & Active Heating and Cooling Technologies & Markets - 2022-2030 – With Corona & COP26 Impacts

Passive & Active Heating and Cooling Technologies & Markets - 2022-2030 – With Corona & COP26 Impacts

Bottom-up Research of 313 Submarkets. 2026 Market $245 Billion

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Key Topics Include

  • Analysis of the Current Geothermal Situation
  • Financing New Developments - Overcoming the First Hurdle
  • Geothermal District Heating & Cooling
  • Exploring the potential of Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) and its’ implications on the geothermal industry
  • Geothermal Power Production: Case Studies
  • Synergies with the oil & gas industries - Re-use of oil wells & dual production potential
  • Recent developments with binary power plants: Case studies
  • Legal & Regulatory Framework for Geothermal Development
  • Geothermal Drilling: New Technology Analysis
  • CO2 plume geothermal power (CPG) - Potential to revolutionise the geothermal industry?
  • Project Updates: Power Production
  • Focus on the Host Nation - Germany
  • Stimulating Geothermal Financial Resource Mobilisation
  • Kicking the Coal Habit: Eliminating Dependency on Fossil Fuels


Exclusive Site Visit : Trias Westland

A Geothermal heat plant in Westland, Netherlands
On 28th November, a day prior to the conference, a limited number of attendees will receive the unique opportunity to visit Trias Westland plant in Westland. There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on first come – first served basis. Please register your attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference.

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  • Bertran De Lange, Geothermal Manager, ECW Netwerk
  • Pernilla Gervind, Project Manager, Research Institutes Of Sweden – RISE
  • Clément Baujard, Reservoir Engineer, ÉS Géothermie
  • Frank Schoof, Chairman, Platform Geothermie
  • Constant Maton, Project Director Business Development , Storengy
  • Mathieu Poesen, Regional Sales Director Benelux, DACH And Russia/Caspian, Crosby Europe
  • Jan Diederik van Wees, TNO
  • Marco van Soerland, Director, HVC Groep & Trias Westland
  • Charlotte De Wijkerslooth, Business Ontwikkelaar Lokale Warmte, HVC Group
  • Alexandre Kane, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Materials And Chemistry
  • Horst Kreuter, Managing Director, GeoThermal Engineering GmbH
  • Senior Representative, EBN
  • Tim Smit, European Investment Bank
  • Jesper Baunsgaard, COO, Ross Engineering
  • David Simons, Exploration Manager, Geoop
  • Ben Laenen, Research Coordinator, Vito
  • Floris Veeger, Project Manager Geothermie Trias Westland, HYDRECO

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