Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum (US Edition)
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Jul 26, 2021

Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum (US Edition)

  • October 28-29, 2021- Online

As the wind energy sector continue to lower down the cost of operations and maintenance, digitalization and data analytics plays a vital role to achieve further cost reductions & increase revenue. This conference aims to bring the wind industry together to discuss the market opportunity of digital wind farm, digital innovation and technological challenges for the industry, including how machine learning, digital twin and predictive analytics can enable monitoring and prediction failures to help drastically improve availability, reliability of the windfarm assets & increase revenue and reduce O&M costs.

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Predictive analytics and digital twin modeling are sweeping across many industries, including the wind sector. Wind asset owners seek to improve power plant performance and manage and minimize operations and maintenance costs. Wind turbines are highly instrumented machines, lending themselves well to collecting vast amounts of data that can inform and refine digital twin models.

Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum is set to cover all aspects of data analytics & digital innovation and its impact on the wind energy sector as well as identifying issues and challenges and providing potential solutions. It’s a great opportunity for industry professionals to come together to exchange the ideas, explore new thinking and help shape the development of the industry. The sessions are set up to be interactive for the attendees to get involved in the experience-sharing process and to tackle existing problems in real-time discussions.

Airborne Wind Energy Market Report 2024-2034

Airborne Wind Energy Market Report 2024-2034

Forecasts by Application (Onshore, Offshore), by Power Generation Capacity (Small-scale Systems (Below 100 kW), Medium-scale Systems (100 kW-1 MW), Large-scale Systems (Above 1 MW)), by Component (Airborne Wind Turbines, Ground Station, Tether, Other), by Technology Type (Kite-based Systems, Balloon-based Systems, Glider-based Systems, Aircraft-based Systems, Other) AND Regional and Leading National Market Analysis PLUS Analysis of Leading Companies AND COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Pattern Analysis

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The Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum will critically analyze wind energy sector digitalization and data-driven operations, performance forecasting and new business models, windpower assets optimization with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, data-driven monitoring and inspection, predictive maintenance, and using advanced analytics to reduce costs and drive performance.

The Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum aims to bring together industry leaders and experts to exchange and share their experiences on all aspects of Digital Innovation, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. It also provides a unique interdisciplinary platform for researchers, scientists and thought leaders to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, technology and application as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Do not miss the opportunity to join the Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum where we will be discussing digital twin technology with AI, how digitalization can help to increase the efficiency in wind turbine operation, using data analytics tools to reduce wind turbine failures and operational costs, the potential of technology to enhance windfarm cyber security in the age of digitalization. We will have a deep look into how digitalization can help asset owners and wind turbine OEMs operating wind turbines to predict and plan for faults and optimize performance of their assets.

Attendees will gather to discuss the importance of data-driven predictive maintenance and develop an optimized strategy for their wind farm performance. Advanced data analytics and Integrated Big Data platforms based on IoT develop analytical opportunities for planning and forecasting, revealing the bright future for the wind industry.

Join us to discuss and brainstorm on how digitalisation is sharpening the wind industry and shaping the industrial innovations of tomorrow, how to build effective strategies for a data-driven maintenance, understand how predictive maintenance can improve wind energy asset efficiency, explore how to leverage digital innovation to optimize performance, examine how to use data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize O&M & asset management processes and learn how to harness the power of wind data analytics to uncover performance losses, reduce maintenance and increase productivity.

Key Topics & Discussions

  • Digitization in Wind Industry
  • Enhancing Operational Performance with Big Data
  • Drones for Wind O&M
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Wind Turbine Monitoring
  • Using Data Analytic Tools to Reduce Component Failures and Operational
  • Wind O&M in the Era of Digitalization
  • Digital Twin: Transforming Wind Operations and Improving Wind Power
  • Advanced Wind Turbine Condition and Performance Analytics
  • Smart Wind Turbine

Key Learning Benefits

Attending this Virtual Event will Enable you to

  • Understand the impact of Big data & IoT on operations/business models due to digitalisation & analytics
  • Understand how to use asset information from condition monitoring initiatives in business decisions
  • Discover how improved monitoring can deliver a greater understanding of asset health
  • Gain insight into digital innovation in wind turbine monitoring & inspection
  • Discover new data analytics tools to manage efficiently and effectively all the available data to maximize returns
  • Understand how to use machine learning algorithms for turbine performance monitoring
  • Explore how to generate enough data sets to perform predictive analytics, enable machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Discover new techniques that are being developed to analyze the performance of windfarm
  • Understand how can digital twins be used for improving windfarm operations, processes and minimize O&M costs
  • Discover how machine learning techniques can improve the yield of a wind turbine
  • Learn about predictive maintenance techniques that are possible when data collection is streamlined and repeatable
  • Understand and address the key drivers of inaccuracy in plant performance assessment, and how these affect forecast production
  • Learn from the hands-on experience of industry-leaders on using digital tools & analytics for efficiency in windfarm operations

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Reasons to attend

  • Expand your network of top-level business contacts
  • Hear from enthusiastic speakers with powerful presentation
  • Use this exceptional platform for discussions and debates about then industry challenges
  • Benefit from our matchmaking and 1:1 meeting
  • Join our panel discussions, world cafe, interactive workshops, networking, strategic meetings and round tables discussion


  • Philip Totaro, IntelStor LLC, Founder & CEO
  • Carsten Hein Westergaard, Westergaard Solutions, Inc, President
  • Bert Gollnick, Siemens Gamesa, Data Scientist
  • Henrik Pedersen, Siemens Gamesa, Solution Architect

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