Aquarius Engines Unveils New Hydrogen Engine That Overcomes
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May 18, 2021

Aquarius Engines Unveils New Hydrogen Engine That Overcomes Fuel Cell Shortcomings

  • The Tiny 10kg Engine Operates 100% On Hydrogen, Delivering Viable Alternative To Fossil Fuel And Significant Reduction In Emissions

Aquarius Engines (TASE: AQUA) have unveiled a new hydrogen engine that may make reliance on both hydrogen fuel-cells and fossil fuel a thing of the past. The tiny 10kg machine is based on the same technology as their original patented single-piston-linear-engine but operates exclusively on hydrogen. As governments around the world prepare to eliminate fossil fuels; Aquarius Engines has successfully tested a viable replacement to the traditional combustion engine that operates on hydrogen. The new Aquarius Hydrogen Engine's lightweight design and unique internal-gas-exchange-method would greatly reduce emissions and lower the global carbon footprint.

Aquarius Engines waited to unveil the new hydrogen engine until after successful third-party tests were conducted by the world-renowned Austrian engineering firm AVL-Schrick. The tests demonstrated that a modified version of the original Aquarius Engine can fully operate on Hydrogen.

"It was always our dream at Aquarius Engines to breathe oxygen into hydrogen technology as the fuel of the future. From initial tests it appears that our hydrogen engine, that doesn't require costly hydrogen fuel-cells, could be the affordable, green and sustainable answer to the challenges faced by global transport and remote energy production. As the world moves away from fossil fuel, our new hydrogen engine could spark the dawning of the age of Aquarius." Said Gal Fridman, Chairman of Aquarius Engines.

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The original Aquarius Engines Generator is currently undergoing successful field tests in North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. Aquarius Engines recently announced partnership deals with Nokia in the field of remote communication and energy equipment management in addition to establishing a subsidiary in Tokyo and partnering with Japanese auto-parts manufacturers TPR and Honda-affiliate Musashi Seimitsu.

The 10kg Aquarius Engine was invented in 2014 and is designed to be used as an onboard power generator in a vehicle or as a stand-alone electricity generator. Unlike most conventional engines that are made of hundreds of parts, the Aquarius Engine has just twenty components and one moving part. The lightweight streamlined design makes it inexpensive and highly efficient with minimal need for maintenance, compared to traditional engines.

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