Gas South Partners with MooveGuru to Offer Natural Gas to New Homebuyers

  • Leading natural gas provider and moving concierge service join forces to enhance customer experience

Gas South, a leading natural gas provider in the Southeast, announced this month a new partnership with MooveGuru, an automated mover engagement provider. Through this partnership, the two entities will join forces to offer exclusive packages to new homebuyers and an overall enhanced experience for brokers, agents and movers.

Under the new agreement, Gas South will integrate with MooveGuru's free mover engagement program, which offers a one-stop shop on moving-related services for homebuyers and sellers. The partnership between MooveGuru and Gas South allows Gas South to reach a wider audience of homebuyers looking to choose a natural gas provider, while MooveGuru no longer has the hassle of calling gas companies for the best deal.

"We are always striving to find new ways to reach potential customers, and MooveGuru's platform allows us to connect with a wide audience of homebuyers at that critical moment when they're selecting a natural gas provider," said Kamden Robb, senior manager of sales channels for Gas South. "This partnership creates a true win-win for all parties, benefiting both consumers and providers of moving services with valuable assistance via fluid communication."

For MooveGuru, the new partnership reinforces its recent push to establish more direct connections with utility companies and natural resource providers in the footprints they occupy. These relationships enhance the service connection experience with no cost to the broker.

"We take pride in partnering with companies that mirror our dedication to service and the consumer experience," said Scott Oakley, founder and CEO of MooveGuru. "Working with the team at Gas South, we realized our shared goal of customer satisfaction would ultimately create the best overall experience for everyone involved, so we are excited to welcome Gas South into our partner network."

Source: Gas South
Date: Jun 30, 2020