Mobile LNG and CNG Supplements Winter Natural Gas Demand

Thigpen Energy, a Thigpen Solutions wholly owned subsidiary, owns and operates a large fleet of mobile Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) equipment for supporting natural gas transmission and utility systems across the United States. This winter, 80% of these assets will be deployed across New York, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, Missouri, and Pennsylvania to supplement natural gas supply during peak demand periods. In many regions, increased demand growth has eclipsed the natural gas supply infrastructure capacity causing insufficient gas volumes for delivery to homeowners, industrial customers, emergency centers, and other local end users which depend on this supply during the cold winter months.

The company's CEO and Founder, Sam Thigpen, explains natural gas curtailments can be caused by many factors, however the most common winter curtailment causes are "supply network permitting/construction delays and moratoriums, rapid area population growth, and industrial development outpacing supply increases."

Thigpen will deploy mobile LNG and CNG supply solutions to constrained points on distribution systems and inject supplemental gas so end users remain wholly supplied during these cold winter days. Flow rates can vary greatly location to location. Preston McDonald, Thigpen Energy's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says he has seen flow rates on projects range from "2.5 MCFH to 1.8 MMCFH for up to twenty-four hours per day during extended cold weather events." These site-specific solutions are engineered and permitted months in advance in preparation for winter deployment. Additionally, Mr. McDonald explains, "once the solutions are staged on-site for the winter, technicians and additional LNG and CNG deliveries are deployed in advance of a cold front and will remain in operation 24/7 as necessary."

Source: Thigpen Energy
Date: Nov 12, 2019