US Fuels Markets & Refining Strategy Conference

  • July 10-11, 2019
  • Houston, TX, United States

We are pleased to announce the first edition of US Fuels Markets & Refining Strategy Conference. The event will bring together senior executives and experts from the refining industry, policy makers, consultants, technology innovators and leading market analysts to discuss the latest challenges and developments within the industry.

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The two day event will give you an insight to the industry`s latest regulations impacting on refining sustainability, US production capacities, crude oil markets, future forecasts on fuel demand, as well as export & trading activities. In depth insights into the MARPOL regulation & Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE Standards), followed by the possible impact of Electric Vehicles will provide a solid background for the two days discussion on best solutions for refining industry in US.

Key Topics

  • Comprehensive Analysis Of The Key Policies & Regulations Impacting On US Refining Operations
  • Evaluating The Industry's Response To The Upcoming Regulatory Requirements
  • In Depth Outlook Into The Crude Oil Markets' Turns & Future Export Routes
  • Exploring Key Technology Innovations & New Fuel Blending Properties
  • Enhancing Greater Refining Reliability & Project Control
  • Assessing The Impact Of Growing Exports' Demand Of The US Refined Products
  • Examining The Influence Of Transport Electrification On The US Fuels Markets
  • In Search For Further Solutions to Enhance Business Flow: Making The Most Of The Petrochemical Production
  • Evaluating Key Challenges & Opportunities Of Future 15% Ethanol Gasoline (E15) Use
  • In Depth Insights Into The Global Distillate Demand Trends

Who will attend?

  • Senior refining industry representatives
  • Industry's analysts
  • Technology Innovators and developers
  • Top industry's Consultants
  • Regulatory and Policy Officers
  • Environmental Organisations
  • Researchers

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Early Confirmed Speakers

  • Tom Umenhofer, Vice-President Of Technical And Regulatory Affairs, Western States Petroleum Association
  • Pankaj H. Desai, Licensing Sales Manager, Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.
  • Fellipe Balieiro, Director Energy And Mobility, IHS Markit
  • Blake Kinney, Policy & Regulatory Analyst, Southern States Energy Board
  • Bruce Burke, Senior Vice President Energy & Chemicals Advisory, NEXANT
  • Jose de Sa, Partner, Bain & Company
  • Pardeep Sehgal, Managing Director, Supply Chain & Operations Strategy & Sustainability, Accenture
  • Lee J. Laviolette, Managing Director & Chief Consulting Officer, The Lavister Group, LLC
  • Quincy Jones, Managing Director, F T I Consulting Inc.
  • Dan Lippe, Founder, Petral Consulting Company
  • Steve Weber, Vice President, Refining & Petrochemical Consulting, Argus Media
  • Eric Smith, Interim Director, Energy Institute, A.B. Freeman School of Business, Tulane University (subject to final confirmation)

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 12, 2019