Advisory Board for Tomorrow Water Project Formed to Deliver
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Dec 7, 2021

Advisory Board for Tomorrow Water Project Formed to Deliver Sustainable Wastewater Treatment in Developing Nations

Tomorrow Water (TW), an innovative environmental solutions provider whose vision is a "Clean and Beautiful World Beyond Waste," has appointed an Advisory Board for its Tomorrow Water Project (TWP), the company's initiative to develop integrated infrastructure - combining sanitation, co-digestion and data centers to treat wastewater and produce renewable energy, while providing a community resource for innovation.

Tomorrow Water Project (TWP) is a comprehensive system integrating a sewage treatment plant, biogas plant, and data center together while leveraging water AI to increase efficiency throughout the entire value chain.

The UN recently projected that without any profound innovations, the world is unlikely to meet previously established targets for globally accessible water and sanitation by 2030. The TWP seeks to address this challenge by accelerating its development of interconnecting technologies with key infrastructure elements for developing countries, satisfying several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), including clean water and sanitation, clean and affordable energy, climate action, and innovation.

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The newly formed TWP Advisory Board includes distinguished industry experts in water treatment, water stewardship and policy, environmental engineering, and global collaborative networking. The Board includes:

  • Dr. Joh Kang, President, and Founder of Water & Energy Advisors LLC, serving as Chair of the Advisory Board, a dedicated engineering consultant with broad experience in the water sector in North America and Asia.
  • Dr. Joan Rose, Michigan State University, an international expert in water microbiology, water quality, and public health safety and recipient of the 2016 Stockholm Water Prize
  • Dr. Paul O'Callaghan, CEO of Bluetech Research, is a water strategist who identifies and supports technological advancements to provide clean water and safe sanitation. He was Executive Producer of "Brave Blue World," a documentary exploring the technologies and innovations with the potential to solve the world's water crisis.
  • Professor Jeanette Brown, Manhattan College, a utility industry veteran who served as executive director of the Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority and past President of the Water Environment Federation.
  • Dr. Sandeep Sathyamoorthy, Process and Innovation Lead at Black & Veatch, is a wastewater industry and research veteran and collaborator for the development of TW's mainstream anammox process.
  • Anthony Dusovic, COO of Tomorrow Water, veteran water technology and utility industry executive serving as the company's representative on the board.

The TWP is made possible by Tomorrow Water's unique wastewater treatment technologies, which features the Proteus Biofilter and 2-Stage AMX (mainstream anammox process ), which together can treat domestic wastewater to a developed country's discharge permit standard within two hours, compared to 6 – 8 hours of conventional processes typically available. TWP combines other technologies like Draco Thermal Hydrolysis for co-digestion, making use of organic waste such as food waste to increase the energy potential as wastewater alone may not satisfy the energy requirements for the plant.

In Phase I, the TWP Advisory Board's goal is to oversee the standardization of technologies used in a TWP plant to ensure adaptability and flexibility in the face of diverse plant locations. The Advisory Board will also provide guidance on securing funding for the initiative from governments, foundations, and/or private investors committed to environmental and social causes under the UNSDGs. The Advisory Board plans to conclude the initial phase with the successful installation and commissioning of the first TWP plant within a developing nation.

In Phase II, the Board will continue to provide guidance for the incorporation of additional innovative technologies focused on resource recovery to add greater value and benefits to developing nations. Tomorrow Water intends to evolve the TWP to a self-governed non-profit organization to facilitate the development of TWP plants across developing nations, modeling successes from earlier TWP plants.

"We have an ambitious goal with the TWP, the first initiative of its kind in our industry. With an Advisory Board of world-renowned experts and a deep commitment from Tomorrow Water, we are confident that our goal to provide better access to sanitation and modern infrastructure to people in developing nations will be reached," said Dr. Joh Kang, Chairperson of the TWP's Board. "Aligning with the UNSDG motto, we envision no one will be left behind."

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