Convergent Partners with NSG Group to Provide Battery Storag
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Sep 14, 2021

Convergent Partners with NSG Group to Provide Battery Storage System

  • Convergent's solution will allow NSG Group's Pilkington plant to significantly lower its electricity costs and carbon intensity

Convergent Energy + Power (Convergent), the most dependable provider of battery storage solutions in North America with a 100% project completion rate, announced today that the industrial-scale battery storage system it developed for NSG Group's Pilkington plant in Collingwood, Ontario is operational. The 5 MW / 10 MWh battery energy storage system is the first within NSG Group and bolsters Convergent's reputation as the largest owner and operator of energy storage assets in Ontario. The system leverages Convergent's PEAK IQ® proprietary software solution to reduce the facility's electricity usage during the costliest, carbon-intensive grid peaks.

The project was constructed during the 2020-21 winter season, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure Pilkington would be able to achieve projected savings of ~$450,000 / MW during the 2021 summer, Convergent construction teams adhered to particularly strict safety regulations. Convergent also coordinated with local partners to ensure pandemic-related travel restrictions did not slow down construction while navigating extensive supply chain disruptions.

NSG Group is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and a battery storage system, as opposed to a generator, is a more sustainable way to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and benefit the grid at large.

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"Locally, this battery storage system is part of our commitment to support our community in Collingwood and the broader efforts in Ontario to create a more efficient, sustainable grid," said Ron Young, Collingwood's Engineering Group Leader.

"We value Convergent Energy + Power's expertise from system design to dispatch, bringing the battery storage system online as quickly and safely as possible during the pandemic," added John Wilgar, NSG's Group Head of Procurement.

"NSG Group has been an excellent partner from start to finish and demonstrated a deep commitment to all of its stakeholders," said Johannes Rittershausen, Convergent's CEO. "Convergent Energy + Power continues to build a track record of successful, operating energy storage assets in Ontario and across North America. For this particular project, I'm proud to say our team navigated a global pandemic, and additional safety regulations, to bring the battery system online as safely and quickly as possible to achieve success."

Convergent is the most dependable energy storage developer in North America, with a 100% project completion rate (pending utility approval) and has brought the largest operating portfolio of projects in Canada, with nearly 50 MW online.

The 5 MW / 10 MWh battery storage system is interconnected to the EPCOR electricity distribution system. The integrated storage solution utilizing SMA inverters and Samsung SDI batteries was supplied by IHI Terrasun Solutions. WSP's Power T&D team provided feasibility and detail engineering services. S&T Group performed site installation. Rodan Energy Solutions – Power Systems Group supported with system commissioning. Wesco Distribution Canada supplied S&C Electric Canada switching and power distribution equipment. Composite Power Group supplied transformers manufactured by Rex Power Magnetics and Northern Transformer.

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