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EVLO to Deploy a 20-MWh Battery Energy Storage System During Transmission Line Work

EVLO Energy Storage Inc. announced today that it will deploy a 4-MW / 20-MWh battery energy storage system on the Hydro-Québec grid based on the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology. The system will be deployed in the municipality of Parent as part of the work being carried out on a transmission lineThis link will open a new window. and will supply the region’s residential and commercial customers for the entire duration of the work. It will be the largest energy storage system deployed in Quebec. Once the work is completed, the system will remain in place to manage peaks on the grid and serve as an auxiliary source in the event of an outage. The installation of the energy storage system will greatly improve service continuity in this remote community, which is supplied by a single line, and will lead to a 3,500-tonne reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“The Parent substation project will be the first energy storage system on our grid that will meet the transmission system’s need for service continuity by providing an auxiliary energy source through islanding during outages and planned de-energizations. The project will increase the area’s power grid resilience,” noted Maxime Lajoie, Senior Director – Planning, Expertise and Operational Support in Hydro-Québec’s Groupe – TransÉnergie et équipement.

“The energy storage system can be charged at night and used during the day to supply the city while the line is de-energized for work to be performed. This innovative solution will limit the use of generators, which run on fossil fuels, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution and the transportation of fuel,” added Alain Aubuchon, EVLO’s Director of Business Relations.

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The various storage system components will be delivered in fall 2021 and the system is expected to be in service by spring 2022. As part of the project, EVLO will also provide its advanced software solution, which can be used to carry out the operating and storage system management activities remotely.

EVLO will also soon be delivering two other storage systems: one 2-MW system in La Prairie, Québec, as part of the solar generating station projectThis link will open a new window. and a 9-MW system in Joux-la-Ville, France, as part of the Tonnerre project in collaboration with InnergexThis link will open a new window. This link will redirect you to an external site..

This project builds on the success of other systems deployed by EVLOThis link will open a new window. This link will redirect you to an external site., namely in Quaqtaq in Northern Québec, Hemmingford and Blainville, as well as in Lac-Mégantic as part of the town’s microgrid projectThis link will open a new window..

Source: Hydro-Quebec
Date: Apr 13, 2021

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