North Carolina Businesses Getting Energy Efficiency Upgrades
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Sep 24, 2020

North Carolina Businesses Getting Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Zero Capital Cost with Inovis Energy

  • Inovis Energy grows their presence in North Carolina due to recent success in the region. Their shared savings model provides facility upgrades for no capital cost.

Inovis Energy, Inc., a national design/build energy efficiency firm that partners with commercial and industrial clients, as well as school districts, healthcare, and higher ed, announced today the next step in its strategic national expansion with the acquisition of its general contracting license in North Carolina.  The added credential for the North Carolina team will service businesses throughout the area as they seek to reduce their energy usage and optimize their operations.

"The general contracting license will certainly help us with our shared savings model," Says Gabriel Andreson, President and Co-Founder Inovis Energy, Inc. "This will allow any company, regardless of budget, to be able to implement cost-saving energy-efficiency measures with Inovis.  These projects are paid for by the savings, and once paid off, the customer will realize 100% of the savings, avoiding any up-front costs and in most cases realizing savings from the first day of the install."

Inovis Energy's business expansion continues in response to a national increase in energy efficiency initiatives.  There is also a need during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve facilities' aging systems in preparation of full reopening.  The expansion into North Carolina was a strategic decision, due to the state's growing trend towards these initiatives. Through this new location, Inovis Energy will prioritize:

Virtual Power Plant Market - A Global and Regional Analysis, 2023-2033

Virtual Power Plant Market - A Global and Regional Analysis, 2023-2033

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Offering their shared savings model, to allow businesses to reduce their operating expense from day one without tapping into capital expense by paying for the project through the realized savings.
Continuing to implement proven energy efficiency solutions that lower energy usage for businesses across many sectors.
Increasing the availability of energy conservation initiatives for North Carolina based commercial and industrial organizations.
Growing the company's overall presence and strengthening existing strategic partnerships throughout the region

"I'm thrilled to be further supporting our Southeastern Division for Inovis Energy as another milestone in our company's growth strategy," said Dalton Ling, Vice-President and Co-Founder Inovis Energy, Inc. "We are particularly eager to tap the Carolina's active energy conservation initiatives and extend the effectiveness of the region's commitment to energy efficiency.  The award of the general contracting license allows us to better help companies realize greater energy and financial savings, taking part of a wider range of programs."

This move will also strengthen Inovis Energy's existing Trade Ally status for Duke Energy as they continue their collaboration identifying potential customers, designing energy efficiency projects with a maximum incentive, and providing customers with ongoing support.  By having a full understanding of existing rebate programs, Inovis Energy can offer their clients attractive projects with a high ROI.  Because of their existing relationship, Inovis can help Duke Energy's customers to identify maximum potential rebate opportunities.

Facilities looking to take advantage of Inovis Energy's shared savings model should contact them immediately to schedule a no-cost energy assessment.  Ideal projects include updating existing lighting to LED and energy efficient HVAC upgrades.

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