New Community Solar Projects Deliver Affordable Green Energy to Local Homes and Businesses

Nelnet Renewable Energy, a Nelnet company specializing in community solar subscriber acquisition and management services, today announced that they will manage services for five new community solar projects planned or under construction that will provide a total of 20 MW of local, clean energy – and energy cost savings – to customers in Saratoga, Schenectady, Oneida, Jefferson and surrounding counties.

"Nelnet was built on a mission of service, and we firmly believe in the power of solar as an emerging renewable energy source. Connecting people and businesses with community solar allows Nelnet Renewable Energy to have this amazing blend of contributing to environmental sustainability, while at the same time helping people save on their energy costs," said Jeff Noordhoek, chief executive officer of Nelnet. "With community solar, there are no start-up costs, so people of all ages and demographics can afford to make a positive change for the environment. Plus, there's the added benefit of monthly energy cost savings for those who subscribe to local projects."

Nelnet Renewable Energy connects homeowners, renters, and business owners with local community solar projects, works with utility providers to ensure subscribers receive solar credits that lead to energy savings, and provides streamlined payment processing and exceptional customer service and support. These five community solar projects will be developed by Green Street Power Partners, LLC ("GSPP") and serviced by Nelnet Renewable Energy. Green Street Power Partners finances, develops, owns, and operates solar energy systems across the country – with 21 fully subscribed community solar projects and another 37 actively undergoing subscription across New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Minnesota.

"GSPP is honored to have five of its community solar projects selected for the official launch of Nelnet Renewable Energy," stated Scott Kerner, CEO of GSPP. "Nelnet continues to be an invaluable partner to GSPP and we look forward to working together to achieve our renewable energy goals across the country."

Source: Nelnet Renewable Energy
Date: Jul 23, 2020