Yallalong Station Hibernates Redflow Batteries As Energy Demand Drops After Cattle Mustering

Redflow’s WA partner TIEC Electrical has reported that Yallalong Station in the WA outback has put two of its four ZCell batteries into hibernation as energy demands dropped after the cattle mustering season.

TIEC’s project update on its website reports that now Yallalong has fewer workers at the station, it needs less power to run fridges, air-conditioning and other creature comforts in the remote Murchison location.

TIEC’s Leith Elsegood said this was where the Redflow energy storage technology stepped up – whereas old chemistry batteries just did not+ make the grade. “By remotely logging into Yallalong’s Battery Management System (BMS) we can see that the system has put two of their four batteries into hibernation,” he said.

“Battery 1 has been Offline now for 10 days with a retained State of Charge (SoC) of 96.4 per cent and Battery 3 has been in Standby Power System mode (SPS) for 12 days with 100 per cent State of Charge – this battery is ready and waiting to automatically come online if more power is required for any reason.

“We believe that this ability to retain all stored energy when not in use and have it available at the flick of a switch is one of the biggest advantages of zinc-bromine flow battery technology. Redflow zinc-bromine flow batteries can sit in standby for years at any charge capacity – from fully charged to fully flat – and then be up and running again in a few seconds, ready to deliver its stored energy.”

Source: Redflow
Date: Jul 9, 2020