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Beyond Lithium, Zinc Will Enable the Energy Grids of the Future

Zinc-based technologies are emerging as a viable energy storage alternative to overcome the limitations of lithium-based batteries, states Morgan Frederick, manager of the International Zinc Association’s Zinc Battery Initiative.

In a column published by North American Clean Energy, Mr Frederick lists the limitations of lithium as including insecure supply chains, risky flammability, and inadequate recyclability. “When all the complements and alternatives to lithium gain the prominence they deserve. It’s time to bank on zinc’s promising role in the energy systems of the future,” he writes.  

“Zinc is exceptionally well suited to electrochemical storage. That’s why it was the key ingredient in the world’s first battery, and why it still powers all the AA, C, and D batteries in our homes.

Smart Meters Market - Global Forecast to 2026

Smart Meters Market - Global Forecast to 2026

by Type (Electric, Gas, Water), Communication Type (RF, PLC, Cellular), Component (Hardware, Software), Technology (AMR, AMI), End user (Residential, Commercial, Industrial), and Region

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“As global requirements for energy storage become more demanding and complex, a range of new zinc-based technologies have emerged to innovate and advance the capability of batteries to provide our increasingly challenging global energy needs.”

Source: Redflow
Date: May 27, 2021

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