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Expansion of the 18-volt power for All System: Bosch Gardenpump 18 and Advancedgrind 18

Bosch offers DIY enthusiasts and hobby gardeners the widest application range on the market with the 18-volt “Power for All” battery system ? it is the only system that combines DIY, garden and home appliances. With one and the same 18-volt battery you can operate more than 30 tools such as drills, grinders and angle grinders, jigsaws, hedgecutters, lawnmowers, mobile cleaner and vacuum cleaners ? and now for the first time also a rainwater pump. DIY enthusiasts and hobby gardeners can therefore do without batteries and chargers they do not need, while saving them space and money with every further purchase at the same time.

Expansion of the 18-volt “Power for All” system: First cordless rainwater pump from Bosch

First cordless rainwater pump from Bosch: GardenPump 18

Good for the environment and plants: With the first cordless rainwater pump from Bosch, garden enthusiasts can now say goodbye to energy and time-consuming labour with the watering can: Ideal for watering container grown plants, flowers and vegetables ? everything can be supplied on a sustainable basis with water from the rain barrel. The GardenPump 18 is suitable for all common water tank models with a capacity up to 1 000 liters and has a suitable tap for standard garden hose couplings. It thus guarantees powerful flow and spray up to a range of 25 meters. Furthermore, the GardenPump 18 has sufficient power, for example, to water hanging baskets at heights of up to 2 meters or to clean garden furniture and paths. To use rainwater to maintain a healthy lawn the pump can be connected to a sprinkler or watering system. The GardenPump 18 also has an integrated anti-siphon connector: If the pump is stopped, it introduces air automatically into the connecting hose so that the water cannot flow out unintentionally. Your splash-proof battery control unit can either be installed on a suitable wall or directly to the tank. The battery compartment is sealed with a watertight cover. Depending on the application and desired runtime, the GardenPump 18 can be operated with batteries from 2,0 to 6.0 Ah. One 2.5 Ah battery offers a runtime of 30 minutes. With a pump capacity of 11 liters per minute, it thus conveys 330 liters – more than an average tank filling volume of 250 liters. It is operated via the LED display on the control unit: Switching on and off, making the desired time setting or reading off the battery charge state – everything is easy and convenient.

Grid Scale Battery Storage Technologies Market Report 2021-2031

Grid Scale Battery Storage Technologies Market Report 2021-2031

Forecasts by Application (Ancillary Services, Peaking Capacity, Energy Shifting, Transmission Level, Distribution Level), by Type (Lithium-Ion Batteries, Lead-Acid Battery, Redox Flow Battery (RFB), Sodium-based Battery), by End-user (Utility, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Institution) AND Regional and Leading National Market Analysis PLUS Analysis of Leading Grid Scale Battery Storage Companies AND COVID-19 Recovery Scenarios

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Working with high user protection: AdvancedGrind 18

The 18-volt angle grinder AdvancedGrind 18 is ideal for grinding, cutting, brushing and polishing metal, stone, concrete and tiles thanks to its new design and powerful motor. It stands out among comparable competitor models by its soft-start function and its speed pre-selection. The soft-start function gradually increases the power of the angle grinder ? it does not start immediately at full speed. This provides more comfort and control when working. The speed adapts itself electronically depending on the application and material. The disk stops within two seconds after the tool is switched off thanks to the integrated brake function. Its restart protection ensures that the angle grinder does not accidentally run on after a power failure. Another feature that makes work easier for DIY enthusiasts: A fast, easy and tool-free disc change in less than 12 seconds. The quick-change screw can be fixed at the touch of a button, allowing accessories to be quickly and easily loosened and reattached.

Source: Bosch Power Tec
Date: Apr 15, 2020

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