What if the Problem is the Waste, Not the Energy? Air Burners, Inc. Has a Solution

Our World is drowning in waste and the focus on this dilemma tends to be directed at plastic waste, minimizing, recycling and repurposing.  What about the massive "forgotten" waste stream that is mostly of natural origin, wood and vegetative waste?  According to agencies like the U.S. EPA and the World Bank, it accounts for about 20 percent of all waste.  In 2014, U.S. EPA reported that, in the Unites States, approximately 70 million tons of "urban" biomass waste was collected, and only 45 percent was recycled. The balance went into our already at-capacity landfills. So, where is this waste to go?  We need to eliminate as much of it as possible. Biomass Energy is a partial solution. However, traditional Biomass to Energy plants are not cost effective due to the significant preprocessing required.  Today's biomass to energy plants are very good at extracting energy from wood waste but that means their efficiency at eliminating the waste is very poor. They are solving an energy problem not a waste problem.  In today's world we need to solve the waste problem.

Source: Air Burners, Inc.
Date: Jan 8, 2020