Software from Bosch Connected Industry Boosts Productivity in Production

Intelligent software reduces complexity, simplifies processes; the factory of the future is unthinkable without this tool. Bosch Connected Industry is now presenting a solution at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg that makes production and logistics even more transparent, efficient and productive. The Nexeed Industrial Application System makes data available in a compatible and standardized form and provides information at a glance.

NEXEED is the brain of the intelligent factory, in which every employee knows what has to be done when and where, says Sven Hamann, Senior Vice President of Bosch Connected Industry. Using open interfaces, the Bosch software can also be easily integrated into common industrial platforms and existing infrastructures. "NEXEED breathes new life into old systems and makes them fit for Industry 4.0," says Hamann. This makes it easier to implement this intelligent form of production and ensures manageable investments. To this end, Bosch Connected Industry uses solutions that successfully optimize production in Bosch plants all over the world.

Nexeed Industrial Application System for connected manufacturing

With the Nexeed Industrial Application System, Bosch relies on interoperability: "All components of the system speak the same language and work together optimally. NEXEED forms the basis for a fully connected, transparent production process," explains Hamann. The basic functionalities make work easier for users and administrators through simple operation, clear master data management and individually defined access rights. The applications enable, for example, live monitoring of production processes or central management of IIoT devices such as routers, machine controls and sensors. "With our solutions no one has to update the devices individually with the USB stick anymore. This enables us to consistently close security gaps in the factory," explains Hamann. If required, the system can be expanded with additional applications or subject-specific packages.

Significant increase in productivity through intelligent software

By connecting NEXEED with the new automation platform ctrlX AUTOMATION from Bosch Rexroth, production efficiency can be significantly increased: "Industry 4.0 solutions from Bosch provide a productivity boost. With the new automation platform, we are improving the overall equipment effectiveness of machines by up to ten percent. In conjunction with NEXEED, another ten percent can be added," says Hamann. Bosch software makes a decisive contribution to higher availability, better performance, and higher quality. It enables access to production-relevant information in real time, for example on the status of production or the whereabouts of individual components. In the event of malfunctions, employees can react more quickly or avoid them completely thanks to preventive maintenance.

Strong demand for software and services for Industry 4.0

Since its establishment in 2018, Bosch Connected Industry has expanded its business considerably: NEXEED is already used successfully by around 100 international customers, including BMW, Sick and Trumpf. Users benefit from the experience of the Bosch plants and warehouses: all NEXEED solutions are developed, tested and evaluated there, before Bosch offers them to external customers. More than 100 Bosch factories now use solutions from the NEXEED portfolio.

Source: Bosch Power Tec
Date: Nov 25, 2019