Navy Veteran's Clean and Free Energy Generator Moves Closer to Launch

For the past 10 years, Roger G. Phillips, a United States Navy veteran and inventor, has been developing the ultimate clean and free energy generator for homes and cars – powered by the wind and designed for residential spaces. Meet Mighty Watts: a small wind turbine with a big mission. The product is at the prototype stage of development and a GoFundMe campaign is underway to get Mighty Watts to the finish line.

"Global warming is a very well-accepted and real threat and I couldn't sit idly by and do nothing. That's just not me. I set out with the single goal of making it easier for the average person to minimize their carbon footprint in a meaningful and long-lasting way. It became clear early on that the answer was scaling wind power," said Phillips. "Mighty Watts is the result of nearly 10 years of researching, developing and engineering a tangible product."

Mighty Watts is a patented and engineer-endorsed product that is expected to generate enough free energy to power the individual user's home, business and electric car. This wind-powered energy generator is a fraction of the size of other turbines currently on the market yet does not compromise functionality. It is touted for eliminating monthly electricity bills while protecting the planet.

And if reports by the U.S. government are any indicator, Phillips is on the right track. According to its findings, approximately 33 percent of global warming emissions come from the electricity sector and its emissions that come from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Since wind power is one of the most abundant natural energy sources, it also has the potential to be one of the cleanest, most sustainable power solutions. In fact, wind power does not produce any toxic emissions that contribute to global warming.

Likewise, mechanical engineers who have reviewed the product design say Phillips' turbine is indeed a product to watch: "(Mighty Watts) can be described as a technology that shall transform the renewable energy sector once and for all. This is a result of the unique design and improved features as compared to the current wind turbines," said Lawrence Writtin, registered mechanical engineer.

"Product engineering still needs to be completed so that a life-sized prototype can be built for testing but we are very close to making Mighty Watts available broadly. And when we do, families will not only have more money to spend, but they will also know they are contributing to a hopeful and healthy future for our planet," added Phillips.

Source: Mighty Watts
Date: Nov 19, 2019