More Yield, Lower Costs, Less Time Required Nevonex Increases Efficiency in Agriculture

In times of tight profit margins in agriculture, high efficiency in the cultivation of arable land is more important than ever. Modern IT solutions are in demand that help farmers save time and money, increase yields and conserve environmental resources by automating and networking equipment and workflows.

"With NEVONEX powered by Bosch, we now offer a comprehensive digitization approach for agriculture. The smart ecosystem is designed as a manufacturer-independent and open platform on which suppliers of agricultural technology, resources or services can offer their services," explains Andrew Allen, responsible for Commercial Vehicles and Off-Road at Robert Bosch GmbH.

Currently, eight active partners - AMAZONE, LEMKEN, Pessl Instruments, RAUCH, Syngenta, Topcon, Xarvio and ZG Raiffeisen - are already developing functions and tools for networking and automating devices and workflows in the NEVONEX ecosystem. Together with Bosch, they received this year's Agritechnica Innovation Award in silver for their innovative, extremely user-friendly platform concept. "The eight current partners are only the beginning, more companies will be added in the coming months and will successively complement the NEVONEX service offering," says Andrew Allen.

NEVONEX provides the technical infrastructure for the services and coordinates the partner network. This ensures that the services of the various companies are compatible. The partners develop application softwares, so-called FEATURES, which are then executed directly on NEVONEX-capable agricultural machinery. The integration of the control unit into the electronic architecture of the implement enables active intervention in the functions of the machine and thus the automation of work processes and their documentation. Networking the sensors present or retrofitted on the agricultural machine creates further efficiency potential, for example through optimized application of seed, fertilizers or crop protection agents. Time-saving, direct data transmission to the farmer's farm management system is also possible.

Source: Bosch Power Tec
Date: Nov 5, 2019