Digital Intelligence for Energy Summit

  • "Innovating with Automation, Analytics & AI for a Smart, Resilient Energy Future"
  • June 26-27, 2019
  • Alexandria, VA, United States

The 2019 Summit is a senior level educational forum. It will focus on the technical capabilities and business models supporting the use of big data in the energy sector: from creating digital strategies that lead to business value and help inform capital investments, to current and near term technical capabilities including RPA, advanced analytics and AI applications.

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2019 Summit Key Focus Areas to Include:

Technical Topics

  • Data visualization: bringing together large, disparate data sources across assets for real time visualization / deploying digital twins
  • Advanced analysis / predictive analytics for customer segmentation, load prediction, price forecasting, and management
  • Data driven asset performance management and health analytics
  • Achieving and applying levels of machine-learning and narrow AI to physical and non-physical domain systems and platforms
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) applications: optimizing big data sets for automating high volume, repeatable tasks
  • Utilizing weather data sets to help in optimizing wind and solar assets and to enhance energy trading, outage predication and load forecasting
  • Cyber resilience : advanced data analytics for predictive and recovery modeling and planning
  • Automated capabilities v.s. man-machine teaming: where each may be best applied
  • Remote, real time monitoring, tracking, measuring and verification of DERS
  • Smart metering and leveraging customer data for improving revenue streams and enhancing customer experience management
  • Leveraging cloud computing for big data analytics to increase operational efficiency and flexibility
  • Building the backbone for narrow AI: current concentration on innovative technologies to explore and develop computational capabilities with greater sophistication, autonomy, intelligence, and assurance

Business Models, Markets and Regulatory Affairs

  • Re-imagining today's capabilities for tomorrow's digital utility : What do we really want the data to do for us? What insight or process improvements are we trying to achieve? How much are we willing to automate and allow for data driven decision making?
  • Developing an operating strategy in a data driven environment: How to begin to harness and operationalize data for enhanced data driven decisions while overcoming legacy systems and infrastructure: Challenges and concerns towards rapid insertion
  • Who owns the data and what does good data governance look like?
  • Consideration towards cost and security with increased data generating assets
  • What does 'software-as-service' look like?
  • How utility and market leadership are facilitating the use of big data to make effective decisions and increase predictability, improve reliability, and unlock new revenue streams

Why Should you Attend the Summit?

  • RSC professional forums offer you the rare opportunity to truly partake in senior level, in depth dialogue and discussions towards the topics at hand.
  • We bring together a diverse group of leaders, innovators, implementers and end-users to engage in two days of detailed, moderated plenary and panel discussions that are driven by actionable take aways for all in attendance.
  • Seating is limited! Our forum invokes the feel of a 'Town Hall' format (round table seating), where you are offered the ability to help shape the topics at hand by offering your perspective, ideas and questions during the sessions.
  • Ample networking time is built in to both days to allow for you to meet and engage all in attendance in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Join us and walk away with knowledge gained, and collaborations established as leaders in the community come together to build out the near future of microgrids and DERS.

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Several Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Ms. Pam Isom, Deputy Chief information Officer of Architecture, Engineering, Technology & Innovation; Chief Data Officer (CDO); U.S. Department of Energy
  • Mr. Michael Pesin, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Advanced Grid R&D, Office of Electricity, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Mr. Calvin Butler, CEO, BG&E
  • Mr. Ricardo DaSilva, Vice President, Strategic Operations, NYPA
  • Mr. Richard Kidd IV,SES, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Strategic Integration, Office of Assistant Secretary for Energy, Installations and Environment
  • Mr. Pradeep Tagare, Vice President, Head of Corporate Venture Capital, National Grid
  • Mr. Michael Britt, Vice President, Energy Innovation Center, Southern Company
  • Mr. Chris Johnson, Director of Enterprise Innovation and Technology, AEP
  • Mr. Donald Heckman, SES, Principal Director, Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity, Department of Defense
  • Mr. Mahesh Sudhakaran, Chief Digital Officer, IBM Energy, Environment & Utilities
  • Mr. Richard Rosenstiel, Director, Information Technology, ComEd ; Director, Data Analytics Platform Implementation, Exelon Corp
  • Dr. Michael Reid, General Manager, Technical Programs, Fossil Hydro Group, Duke Energy
  • Dr. Michael Mylrea, Senior Advisor, Cybersecurity & Technology, Blockchain Lead (PI), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Mr. Josh Gould, Utility of the Future, Con Edison
  • Dr. Antonio Ferreira, CIO, NETL, U.S.Department of Energy
  • Mr. Scott Fisher, Vice President, Greenlots
  • Ms. Assel Ayapova, Global Drone Program Manager, AES Corporation
  • Ms. Susan Maley, Principal Project Manager, Instrumentation, Controls, and Automation Program; Project Manager i4Gen, EPRI
  • Mr. Thomas Zadlo, Manager, Corporate Data Management Department, PJM Interconnection
  • Dr. Tim Tetreault, Program Manager for Installation Energy & Water (EW), (ESTCP), Department of Defense

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 4, 2019