Siemens Presents Solutions for a Climate-Friendly Energy Future

At this year's "The smarter E-Europe," Siemens is demonstrating its role in shaping an increasingly decentralized energy landscape. Siemens will show how the digitalization of renewable energy generation, storage and distribution positively impact the energy transition and sustainability goals.

At the trade show, the company will present solutions and services for planning, installing and operating individual supply solutions based on renewable energy and intelligent energy management systems for buildings, infrastructure and industry. Attendees will also be able to learn all about systems and products for the grid integration of photovoltaic (PV) power plants, battery storage systems and charging infrastructure solutions for electromobility. Expert presentations on subjects including transforming the energy system, renewable energy sources and storage technologies will round out Siemens' exhibit at Booth 110 in Hall B2.

"We are supporting our customers to turn the challenges of the energy transition into business opportunities" says Cedrik Neike, Member of the Management Board of Siemens AG and CEO of Smart Infrastructure. "We are investing to shape the market at the grid edge: we have refreshed our portfolio of eMobility charging solutions; acquired power electronics leader, KACO new energy; and are consolidating our leadership in battery storage with our joint venture Fluence."

Connecting PV power plants securely to the grid
The rising trend toward generating power from renewable energy sources is presenting grids with new challenges, especially where stability is concerned. With its Photovoltaic eBoP (photovoltaic electrical balance of plant), Siemens offers a complete solution for reliably connecting PV power plants to the medium- or high-voltage grid. The package covers all the required electrical components including the PV SKid Outdoor platform, a comfortable, easy-to-install plug-and-play solution with switchgear, transformer and Sinacon PV inverters. The 1500V inverters have an especially high-power density and are suitable for use in large solar power plants, even under harsh environmental conditions. The LDM-P busbar trunking system from the Sivacon 8PS portfolio is designed specifically for the requirements of photovoltaic and container stations. Compared with cables, the system allows to distribute large amounts of electricity even in limited space and therefore connects the transformer and inverters securely and economically.

In addition, Fluence, a Siemens and AES company, will be on site to talk about its energy storage platforms and services, and how utilities, communities and industrial customers can benefit from scalable, flexible and cost-effective storage solutions.

Solutions for decentralized energy systems
Supply security, energy costs and a sustainable reduction in CO2 are crucial to economic feasibility and competitive strength, especially in industrial applications, industrial parks, large buildings and municipal facilities. Siemens supports customers in all industries and sectors to implement efficient energy solutions: for example, through a targeted use of local renewable power generation, CHP plants, and energy storage. Services include planning, installing and operating decentralized energy systems and digital solutions and consulting services for smart energy management. This approach transforms energy costs, supply security and CO2 reduction into variables that can be calculated over the long term in any energy consumer's business plan. The free, data-based Energy Configurator, which can be seen live at "The smarter E", allows individual optimization potential to be calculated and an initial system layout to be generated that can be used to significantly lower energy costs and improve the environmental balance sheet.

Energizing electromobility ecosystem
Electromobility is a key building block for a sustainable and integrated climate, energy and mobility strategy. Siemens offers end-to-end solutions for charging infrastructure and components, charge management systems as well as complete end-to-end solutions and consulting services. The SiCharge CC AC22 charging station for electric vehicles in compliance with the IEC standard, for example, ensures rapid charging in public or semi-public environments like parking structures, garages and hotel and company parking lots. It can charge electric vehicles in about 45 minutes for a range of 100 km, depending on the battery charging system used in the car. The charging stations simultaneously provide 22 kilowatts (kW) at two charge points and can be operated intuitively with an integrated display.

Our next generation charging unit for residential buildings and commercial parkings will also be presented at "The smarter E fair". It extends our residential Junelight and professional SiCharge portfolio. This smart charger, has a power output of up to 22 kW, is equipped with Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces, among other features, and can be automatically updated wirelessly. The charging unit can be easily mounted on walls or piles and makes it possible to measure and visualize consumption. Combined with our Junelight Smart Battery it allows electric cars to be charged reliably and quickly within about 45 minutes (for 100 km) using self-generated solar power in garages and car ports, for example.

To drive for operational excellence of charging infrastructure, Siemens provides tailored service offerings from technical operation to complete managed service packages. This includes performance guarantees for company fleet, real-estate owners and infrastructure operators, for example.

Smart energy management in buildings
Buildings, infrastructure facilities and industrial enterprises occupy a key position when it comes to transforming energy systems. As prosumers, they simultaneously consume, produce and store energy, and need an electrical infrastructure with technology designed for this purpose. Siemens offers a seamless range of systems and products for safe and efficient low-voltage power distribution in decentralized energy environments. This includes communications-capable protection and switching devices from the Sentron portfolio for protecting electrical equipment; a power monitoring system with measuring devices; software, and direct connection to cloud-based IoT systems, such as MindSphere, for monitoring and analyzing energy consumption; as well as intelligent storage solutions.

Source: Siemens AG
Date: May 13, 2019