Cost-Effective Energy Production - Siemens Supplies Components for Hot Water and Electricity Production System

StraightLine Energy Solutions Ltd. has developed the EscoPod system, a disruptive thermal technology for the production of hot water. A gas turbine powered hybrid heat pump system leads to financial savings of around 80 percent compared to conventional methods of producing heat, as well as unrivalled CO2 savings. In order to be able to measure the actual savings for the customer, StraightLine needed a cloud-based monitoring system which has been developed together with Siemens. This allows StraightLine to monitor the financial and environmental performance of the EscoPod system via remote access and to ensure that performance indicators contractually agreed with the customer are maintained.

The Siemens monitoring system allows StraightLine to compare the performance and costs of the EscoPod with comparable values from the systems originally used to produce hot water and electricity. In an ideal scenario, the EscoPod costs would be up to 80 percent less than those achieved with a conventional system. If the monitoring shows that specific targets defined in the service contract between StraightLine and the customer have been met, the company receives the bonus previously agreed.

Success through co-create
Precise monitoring is achieved through a direct connection between the EscoPod and the Siemens cloud which allows the relevant data to be transmitted from the plant. The web-based graphic interface of the monitoring system was developed by Siemens through joint workshops with StraightLine. Each EscoPod is fitted with a Siemens S7 PLC which controls the unit and collects data from several monitoring points, including the flow & temperature of the hot water produced, electricity generated, and CO2/prime energy avoided. Supported by our energy & process expertise, Siemens hosted Co-Creation Workshops with StraightLine to develop the calculations and methods which confirm the performance of the EscoPod units. The output provided by Siemens is a simple and clear graphical interface that allows StraightLine & their customer to monitor & confirm the ongoing performance of the EscoPod Units. Monthly Dashboards enable confirmation of savings and billing as part of the Performance Contract between StraightLine & their customer.

Source: Siemens Corporation
Date: Oct 26, 2018