Westinghouse Seeks to Expand 30-Year Partnership with Czech
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Oct 31, 2023

Westinghouse Seeks to Expand 30-Year Partnership with Czech Republic with Proven AP1000 Reactors

  • Westinghouse/Bechtel Consortium Offers Sharp Contrast to First-of-a-Kind Designs Proposed by Other Two Bidders

Westinghouse Electric Company, along with construction partner Bechtel, today submitted its proposal to supply the Czech Republic with as many as four AP1000® reactors, the safest, most advanced nuclear technology available today. The bid proposes construction of one AP1000 unit at the Dukovany nuclear site, with the potential for a second unit there and two additional units at the Temelin site.

U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Bijan Sabet confirmed the U.S. government’s full support of Westinghouse/Bechtel’s bid to build a new reactor at Dukovany.

“We see mutual benefits to both the United States and the Czech Republic. From a strategic energy security perspective, selecting a U.S. technology would provide the Czech Republic with a reliable source of clean energy that not only will combat climate change and reduce emissions, but will be an investment in the Czech people, creating thousands of green jobs across the nuclear supply chain,” Amb. Sabet said. “We hope the Czech Republic partners with Westinghouse/Bechtel for their proven and advanced AP1000 technology, which has been designed, licensed, built, and is operating in other parts of the world.”

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“Westinghouse first partnered with the Czech Republic on nuclear energy three decades ago and we are proud and excited to be able to further honor that commitment by providing safe, reliable nuclear energy from our proven AP1000 technology,” said David Durham, Energy Systems President, Westinghouse. “Together we can lay the foundation for a clean, secure energy future that extends for the next 80 years of operation, and beyond.”

“For over 70 years, Bechtel has been at the forefront of innovation within the nuclear industry,” said John Howanitz, president of Bechtel’s Nuclear, Security, and Environmental business unit. “We look forward to sharing our expertise in the Czech Republic to provide not only clean, reliable, nuclear energy, but to strengthen the local nuclear workforce and suppliers throughout the region for generations to come.”

Westinghouse has deep ties to the Czech nuclear industry beginning in 1993 with the supply of advanced Instrumentation & Control systems to the Temelin plant, creating a local supplier network that continues to grow. Starting in 2024, Westinghouse will supply nuclear fuel to both the Dukovany and Temelin nuclear sites, as the only viable alternative Western supplier for countries operating legacy Russian nuclear units.

The Westinghouse/Bechtel strategy of utilizing the local supply chain will increase opportunities for Czech businesses to participate in the new nuclear project. The deployment of AP1000 technology elsewhere in the region will also drive greater synergy that benefits the Czech nuclear industry and creates additional share for suppliers to contribute to projects throughout central and eastern Europe. In November, the Polish government selected the AP1000 reactor to launch its first-ever nuclear energy program. Bulgaria has also selected the AP1000 technology for additional units at the Kozloduy site, while Ukraine has committed to build nine AP1000 units at various sites.

The AP1000 is the only operating Generation III+ reactor with fully passive safety systems, modular construction design and the smallest footprint per MWe on the market. In the U.S., at the Vogtle site in Georgia, one AP1000 unit achieved commercial operation this past summer and is producing power for the grid while a second unit recently completed its initial fuel load with commercial operation expected in early-2024. Four AP1000 reactors are currently setting operational performance and availability records in China with six additional reactors under construction there and two more selected. The technology is also under consideration at multiple sites in Central and Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, and in North America.