Westinghouse Brings the eVinci Micro-Reactor Closer to Comme
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Westinghouse Brings the eVinci Micro-Reactor Closer to Commercialization

Westinghouse Electric Company announced that it has filed a pre-application Regulatory Engagement Plan for the company’s eVinci™ micro-reactor, detailing the planned pre-licensing application interactions with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The plan is aligned with NRC’s whitepaper on micro-reactor licensing.

The eVinci micro-reactor builds on decades of Westinghouse innovation, to bring carbon-free, transportable, safe, and scalable energy wherever it is needed in a variety of applications. These include off-grid sites, remote communities and islands, decentralized generation, disaster recovery, industrial sites, data centers, universities, defense facilities, marine propulsion, hydrogen generation, and water purification.

“The eVinci micro-reactor is a truly disruptive energy technology that will provide reliable, carbon-free energy across the world,” said David Durham, President, Westinghouse Energy Systems. “This action brings us closer to commercializing eVinci reactors by the end of this decade.”

Molten Salt Reactors Market Report 2022-2032

Molten Salt Reactors Market Report 2022-2032

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This regulatory milestone also sanctions substantial technology validation progress achieved on the overall development plan of eVinci micro-reactors.

The plan includes information on the design of the eVinci micro-reactor as well as the regulatory strategies envisioned including manufacturing, transportation, operation, and refueling phases of deployment.

Source: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC.
Date: Dec 16, 2021

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