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Sep 8, 2021

Kongsberg Digital and Shell International Exploration & Production Enter Into a Strategic Partnership Agreement

  • The objective of the agreement is to collaborate and accelerate digital solutions and transformation for well delivery and performance.

We are very excited to enter into this new strategic partnership agreement with Shell International and enable the digital transformation of their Wells business unit. We believe the partnership approach is a significant reason why we have successfully created tools for digital transformation that work for our customers, and that have broad application across the industries they are in. We already have a strong relationship with Shell on energy production and look forward to replicating that model to enable transformation of another segment, says Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital and EVP KONGSBERG.

Kongsberg Digital has, during the previous few years, put together a substantial digital roadmap for oil and gas companies, supporting digitalization within the industry. This strategy has been founded on agile methodologies, open ecosystems, data integration, and people-centric solutions. Shell has utilized Kongsberg Digital’s real-time data products in its global wells portfolio for several years. Now, they are undertaking a digital transformation of their wells business with a strong need for digital solutions.

Shell and Kongsberg both have a long track record of innovations over 100 years.  We are excited to formalize our collaboration on the next generation projects in Wells IoT and Shells wider Digital transformation. Advances in cloud technology, ML delivery and visualization techniques open up opportunities to improve operational safety and decision making.  This will position both companies at the forefront of drilling and wells digital journey, says Jon Crane, Vice President of Wells Digital in Shell International.

Environment Gas Sensor Market: Trends, Opportunities and Competitive Analysis (2023-2028)

Environment Gas Sensor Market: Trends, Opportunities and Competitive Analysis (2023-2028)

Trends, opportunity and forecast in the global environment gas sensor market to 2028 by product type (pellistor gas sensors, infrared gas sensors, metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors, electrochemical gas sensors, optical particle monitor gas sensors, photoionization detector gas sensors, field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry gas sensors, quartz crystal microbalance gas sensors, and miniaturized gas chromatography), application (automotive, air purifiers, smart devices, smart homes, smart cities, and wearables), and region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World)

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The agreement is to align initiatives across the overall life cycle for well deliveries, through planning, execution and reporting by shared visibility into each other’s roadmap and to increase the creation of market-driven applications.

The Strategic Partnership Agreement was signed June 2021.