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Vattenfall and Westinghouse Extend Valued Partnership

Westinghouse Electric Company and Vattenfall are extending their long-standing nuclear energy partnership into decommissioning activities through a new agreement. As part of the arrangement, Westinghouse will segment and dispose of the reactor internals and pressure vessels at Ringhals 1, a Boiling Water Reactor, and Ringhals 2, a Pressurized Water Reactor. The two reactors were built by Westinghouse and have delivered carbon-free energy to Sweden and northern Europe for more than four decades.

“Westinghouse has an extensive track record of safely dismantling reactor internals and we look forward to bringing our specialized knowledge of complex decommissioning projects and proven advanced technologies to our long-standing partner Vattenfall,” said Sam Shakir, President, Westinghouse Environmental Services. “Our Swedish legacy organization ASEA Atom built Ringhals 1, and today’s Westinghouse built Ringhals 2. With this agreement, we close the circle and showcase our life cycle capabilities.”

“Vattenfall's mission is to dismantle and dispose of end-of-life reactors and other components in the same way that they have been operated: safe and efficient. The agreement with Westinghouse means that it is clear how the large radioactive components of Ringhals 1 and 2 will be taken care of,” says Christopher Eckerberg, Vattenfall's Head of Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities. “I am proud that Vattenfall takes responsibility for the entire life cycle of nuclear power, and I welcome Westinghouse as a partner."

Electric Insulator Market Report 2021-2031

Electric Insulator Market Report 2021-2031

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Westinghouse engineers will start the dismantling process digitally with 3D modeling of all the cutting and packaging that will be performed onsite. The onsite work is executed by a team of highly skilled Westinghouse technicians who have been involved in dismantling many nuclear reactors in Europe. For the reactor internals, they will use mechanical underwater remote-controlled equipment to ensure the highest degree of safety and efficiency. For the reactor pressure vessels, dry thermal cutting technologies will be used for most of the parts. When the process is complete, all materials will be packed and safely disposed of in approved containers.

Source: Westinghouse
Date: Aug 19, 2021

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