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DEI and KNF to Cooperate for Nuclear Fuel Sipping

  • DEI's Smart-Sip equipment and technology will provide enhanced fuel leak detection in support of spent fuel storage and refueling services

Dominion Engineering, Inc. (DEI) was awarded a contract to supply vacuum canister fuel sipping equipment and services at nuclear reactors in Korea and will cooperate with KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KNF) for domestic market development and delivery. Joint services will initially focus on vacuum canister fuel sipping to support spent fuel storage and refueling activities in Korea. Leveraging an agreement previously executed by DEI and KNF in 2019, joint services may be later expanded to overseas markets in which KNF is responsible for supply of nuclear fuel and components.

Under the above-mentioned contract, DEI would supply its patented Smart-Sip™ fuel sipping system, which uses a proprietary fission gas removal technology to achieve enhanced fuel leak detection compared to traditional vacuum canister sipping equipment. This ensures detection of small leaks that may otherwise go undetected using conventional vacuum canister sipping equipment, making Smart-Sip™ an ideal system for verifying the integrity of older fuel bundles with low leak signals prior to dry fuel storage and for effectively identifying and isolating fuel bundles with tight leaks during refueling outages.

"Smart-Sip™ represents a significant advance in the state-of-the-art of fuel sipping equipment and technology," said DEI President Mike Little. "We are excited to be working with KNF, a long-time partner, to enhance fuel safety and reliability through the provision of this innovative nuclear fuel service to joint clients in Korea and globally."

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DEI is a global leader in specialized nuclear fuel services and technology. KNF is an industry leader in nuclear fuel design, fabrication, and safety analysis, supplying nuclear fuel and components for reactors in Korea and overseas countries. Since 2005, DEI and KNF have cooperated successfully in the development and delivery of innovative nuclear fuel services and the two organizations look forward to expanding their joint business through this important contract.

Source: Dominion Engineering, Inc.
Date: Jul 12, 2021

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