Onsite Solar Generation: TotalEnergies Surpasses 1.5 GW of P
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Mar 18, 2024

Onsite Solar Generation: TotalEnergies Surpasses 1.5 GW of PPAs with 600 B2B Customers Worldwide

TotalEnergies is pleased to announce it has reached over 1.5 GW of signed renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with over 600 industrial and commercial customers worldwide, for self-consumption on their sites and injection into the grid. Of this 1.5 GW, 1.1 GW is already in operation, producing 1.5 TWh of electricity a year, while 400 MW will be commissioned by year-end.

By solarizing its customers’ sites, TotalEnergies will support the energy transition of various industries, including agrifood, automotive, cement, digital, manufacturing, metals, mining, retail, and warehousing.

A unique footprint across all continents
Operating to the highest industry standards and in close proximity to its customers, TotalEnergies’ distributed generation solutions are present in over 30 countries across all continents, positioning TotalEnergies as one of the distributed generation players with the widest coverage.

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Satellite Solar Cell Materials Market - Analysis and Forecast, 2024-2034

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Examples of TotalEnergies’ onsite renewable generation projects include:

  • In the United States, a long-term contract was signed for a solar carport project (12.3 MWp) coupled with battery storage (7.4 MW/24.6 MWh) to supply power to JFK Airport serving New York City.
  • In Belgium, the construction of a 31 MWp floating photovoltaic (PV) plant for Holcim Belgium to supply decarbonized electricity to the Obourg cement plant.
  • In Oman, the launch of a 17 MWp single-axis tracker ground-mounted solar facility for Veolia to power the Sharqiyah Desalination Plant.
  • In Indonesia, the construction of a 43 MWp rooftop solar system, the largest in the country, to power a Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP) steel factory.

Tailored, competitive solutions for B2B customers
TotalEnergies sells renewable electricity generated at its B2B customers sites through long-term PPAs. To this end, the Company develops, finances, builds, and operates solar panels installed on rooftops, carports, and vacant industrial lands.

These solar solutions enable companies to enjoy significant bill savings and predictable electricity prices, while reducing their carbon footprint. Onsite behind-the-meter batteries are also offered as a complement to increase local consumption of solar electricity while providing stabilization services to electricity grid operators.

In addition, TotalEnergies has a wide range of decarbonized energy solutions such as renewable electricity (off-site solar, wind and hydro PPAs), low-carbon fuels (from hydrogen and biogas to Sustainable Aviation Fuel), CO2 capture, storage and use, and electric mobility (including trucks), adapted to over twenty industries.

"Thanks to the trust and closeness we have established with our B2B customers, the dedication of our teams, and our Company’s commitment, we are proud to continue accelerating our growth in distributed generation worldwide. In an unstable market with high energy prices, we provide our customers not only decarbonized energy but also visibility and operational excellence throughout the duration of the PPA”, said Vincent Stoquart, Senior Vice President Renewables at TotalEnergies.