Iberdrola Installs All Fifty Monopiles of the Baltic Eagle O
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Sep 14, 2023

Iberdrola Installs All Fifty Monopiles of the Baltic Eagle Offshore Wind Farm

  • The installation of the fifty monopiles of the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm has been completed in cooperation with marine contractor Van Oord.
  • In the next step the transition pieces are currently being installed. Commissioning of the offshore wind farm is planned for the end of 2024.
  • Baltic Eagle is an important component in Iberdrola's growth strategy in Germany to supply the industry with green electricity.

Iberdrola has successfully installed all fifty monopiles for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm together with its partner Van Oord. The next step in the ongoing construction phase now involves the installation of the transition pieces. These were manufactured by the Spanish company Windar Renovables and temporarily stored in the port of Mukran. The transition pieces are the connecting element between the monopile and the tower of the wind turbine. The installation of the wind farm's internal cabling by Van Oord is planned for the end of 2023.

The construction of Baltic Eagle is proceeding according to plan
The monopiles were made by the Rostock-based company EEW SPC. Afterwards, they were transported floating from the port of Rostock to the Baltic Eagle offshore construction field. They were then positioned with the help of Van Oord’s heavy-lift installation vessel Svanen. The monopiles with a diameter of 8.75 to 9 metres and a length of between 75 and 90 metres were then driven into the seabed. They ensure that the wind turbines are securely anchored in the seabed.

"With the installation of the monopiles, we have reached another key milestone in the construction of Baltic Eagle," commented Iris Stempfle, Managing Director of Iberdrola Germany's Offshore Division. "Above all, I would like to thank the responsible teams very much for their unremitting efforts. Everyone went the necessary extra mile to be able to successfully complete this intensive project phase."

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The monopiles were manufactured in Rostock by the company EEW SPC. Above all, direct access to the German Baltic Sea enabled the uncomplicated transport to the wind farm. The international companies involved in the construction of Baltic Eagle have production facilities in five European countries, including Germany, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium.


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