JinkoSolar Signs Supply Agreement for SunTera Liquid-Cooled
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Jul 31, 2023

JinkoSolar Signs Supply Agreement for SunTera Liquid-Cooled Energy Storage System with Powerchina Jiangxi Electric Power Engineering

Recently, JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, has signed a supply agreement with Powerchina Jiangxi Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. to provide 5MW of Tiger Neo N-type bifacial modules and a 6.88MWh SunTera liquid-cooled energy storage system for the Saudi Aramco East-West Pipeline Pump Station Community Project.

The project aims to build a new residential community for the Saudi Aramco pipeline pump stations and pressure reducing stations, replacing existing communities located in hazardous areas. Once completed, the community will accommodate 1,748 Saudi Aramco employees and contractors working at the pump stations, with Powerchina Jiangxi Electric Power Engineering acting as the project's EPC general contractor.

The provided high-efficiency N-type TOPCon Tiger Neo modules are among JinkoSolar's flagship products, boasting the advantages of "high efficiency, high power generation, high bifacial factor,” and "low degradation, low temperature coefficient, low BOS, low LCOE." Especially in the high-temperature and high ground-reflection environment of Saudi Arabia, these modules offer superior power generation gains for the project. The Tiger Neo N-type modules have a bifacial factor 10%-15% higher than P-type modules, with a stronger backside photon conversion ability, resulting in increased power generation. Additionally, these modules have better temperature coefficients, making them less susceptible to temperature variations. Furthermore, the N-type silicon wafers use p-doping technology, leading to a first-year degradation as low as 1% (compared to the conventional P-type modules with a 2% first-year degradation). According to the latest outdoor verification report by TÜV Rheinland Saudi Arabia, N-TOPCon modules achieve a 5.54% higher power generation gain compared to PERC modules. Therefore, considering the full lifecycle of the photovoltaic power plant, using N-type modules provides a significant advantage over 25 years, particularly in high irradiation environments, resulting in more power generation. N-type products have become the new trend for photovoltaic utility in the Middle East.

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In addition, the project also incorporates JinkoSolar's new-generation large-scale SunTera liquid-cooled energy storage system. The system, housed in standard 20-foot containers, features non-uniform fine flow channels, ensuring real-time temperature differences within ≤2.5°C for the battery cells. With various liquid cooling control modes, the system reduces auxiliary power consumption by 20% and increases service life by 10%. It stands out with its features of high-efficiency liquid cooling, utmost safety, optimal cost, and intelligent operation and can endure ambient temperatures of up to 60°C, making it suitable for the high-temperature requirements of Saudi Arabia and adaptable for various energy storage projects in different scenarios. The system can be perfectly paired with DC/DC controllers, PCS energy storage inverters, and relevant micro-grid system equipment, ensuring seamless coverage of off-grid applications in photovoltaic-energy-storage-diesel hybrid systems.

Mr. Li Xiang, General Manager of JinkoSolar in the Middle East and North Africa, expressed his delight in collaborating with Powerchina Jiangxi Electric Power Engineering on this project. He emphasized JinkoSolar's commitment to the research and production of high-efficiency N-TOPCon modules and SunTera liquid-cooled energy storage systems, driving technological innovation in the industry and reducing residential electricity costs. As a leading global provider of clean energy products and services, JinkoSolar is committed to delivering the best clean energy solutions to the Middle East market.