Alfa Laval and Partners Develop High-Capacity Hydrogen Refue
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Jul 4, 2023

Alfa Laval and Partners Develop High-Capacity Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

Alfa Laval has joined forces with eight other industrial companies to develop high-capacity hydrogen refuelling stations for heavy-duty vehicles (trucks and buses). The project is part of the EU’s HORIZON Europe funding programme for research and innovation with the aim to tackle climate change, achieve sustainable development goals and boost the EU's competitiveness and growth.

  • The collaboration project is focused on developing and testing a well-functioning demo of hydrogen fuel stations to support the transportation sector's transformation from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources, like hydrogen.
  • The goal is to develop stations that can safely refuel 100kg of hydrogen in less than 10 minutes, which is a significant challenge for the heat exchanger, as the hydrogen must be cooled down to -30°C before being injected into the vehicle tank.
  • The R&D activities and prototyping for the high-capacity prototype stations will be fully funded by the EU, and the project is expected to last for four years, from 2023 to 2027 and will cover the development from concept to two operating demo stations.

The project is a collaboration between Alfa Laval and key players in the industry; ENGIE, HRS, FAURECIA, LAUDA, ZBT, EMERSON, TESCOM, BENKEI and is expected to give a significant boost to the hydrogen mobility market. Alfa Laval's participation in the consortium will give the company useful insights and ensure its heat exchangers comply fully with industry requirements.

Global Hydrogen Storage Growth Opportunities

Global Hydrogen Storage Growth Opportunities

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