JinkoSolar Release N-Type TOPCon Module White Paper
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Dec 1, 2021

JinkoSolar Release N-Type TOPCon Module White Paper

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd, (“JinkoSolar” or the “Company”) (NYSE: JKS), one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today published its N-Type TOPCon Module white paper — Towards a New Era of N-Type. This paper is the first in the industry to expand on the technical and application scenario direction for post-PERC, aiming to provide guidelines that will promote the next-generation mainstream TOPCon technology.

Since scaling up rapidly, N-type TOPCon has yet reached maturity. To extract greater technical and economic value from N-type TOPCon, JinkoSolar officially launched its N-Type module of 22.3% efficiency based on a 182” wafer, naming it Tiger Neo. From here, industry partners reached a consensus on TOPCon development and composed this white paper to clarify the technology and economic value for its evolution from PERC.

It is essential for N-type TOPCon to upgrade PV commercialized technology and fuel the next-generation highly efficient and reliable transformation of industries. To penetrate deeper into industries, the next mainstream technology requires the convergence of efficiency, power, generation per watt, real-world reliability, as well as capacity, yield rate, and production cost. As PERC efficiency comes to the limit, it’s necessary to promote the replacement of the N-Type TOPCon technology, as it will help solar plant investors, developers, and project owners improve ROI and help industry customers better utilize economic valuable solar power during zero-carbon transformation.

To enhance generation capabilities and longer-term reliability, and meet ever-diversifying scenario requirements, Tiger Neo will evolve both rated power and generation per watt.

Moreover, N-Type TOPCon technology have three main highlights:

  • Higher bifacial factor will enable a “true” bifacial module
  • Combination of lower degradation and zero LID and LeTID will significantly reduce generation performance decline over time and exposure to the environment.
  • Lower temperature coefficient will maximize irradiation meanwhile overcoming power loss due to raised heat

With the continuous enhancement, N-type TOPCon will allow us to rapidly roll out the next era of PV technology and iterate them on-demand to fit into various application scenarios.

The white paper will serve as a valuable reference for Tiger Neo embedded with advanced N-Type TOPCon technology. JinkoSolar is eager to work out a solution with industry partners and customers to ignite N-Type development and build a fruitful solar PV industry.

JinkoSolar Holding Co.