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Wartsila's Decarbonisation Focus Emphasised with Approval-in-Principle for GEVs pilot hydrogen vessel

GEV’s pilot compressed hydrogen vessel features efficient Wärtsilä propulsion. The ship will advance the commercialisation of green hydrogen and support the industry’s decarbonisation efforts. © Global Energy Ventures (GEV)

The technology group Wärtsilä’s cooperation with the Australian energy transportation company Global Energy Ventures (GEV) has resulted in GEV successfully obtaining Approval-in-Principle (AiP) for its pilot-scale 430 tonne C-H2 Carrier vessel. The AiP was awarded by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) in early October 2021.

The pilot compressed hydrogen vessel is a highly functional Handymax sized gas carrier designed to advance the commercialisation of green hydrogen projects. Wärtsilä has worked in close cooperation with GEV’s ship designer to develop the optimal propulsion solution using highly efficient Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines powering two electric drive fixed-pitch propellers. The work was carried out under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the two companies earlier this year.

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“Marine storage and transport solutions are required for hydrogen to contribute to global decarbonisation ambitions. GEV views the compressed hydrogen ship as a means to provide efficient, safe, and cost competitive regional marine transportation for hydrogen, and we thank Wärtsilä for its valuable support in making this project a success,” says Martin Carolan, GEV’s Managing Director, and CEO.

“The AiP represents an important milestone in bringing this concept to realisation. Our involvement allows us to further leverage our technology and experience in the development of future fuels to decarbonise ship operations. This is fully in line with our commitment and strategy to support our customers in achieving a sustainable and carbon-free future,” says Petteri Saares, Sales Director, Wärtsilä Marine Power.

Compression delivers a proven, simple, and efficient method for transporting green hydrogen. Both GEV and Wärtsilä believe that the compressed hydrogen vessel project will eliminate technical barriers to marine hydrogen transport, and deliver a solution that is superior to currently available alternatives.

Source: Wartsila
Date: Nov 5, 2021

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