Battery energy storage solutions for utility-scale applications

The Mitsubishi Electric battery energy storage system (BESS) is a scalable, purpose-built battery solution that includes all of the balance of system (BOS) equipment that can be modified to meet the customers' requirements. In addition to some of the world's largest energy storage systems currently operating in Japan, Mitsubishi Electric now has completed battery energy storage projects in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. With extensive experience in project completion, Mitsubishi Electric continues to be an industry leader by providing turnkey solutions. Technologies such as BESS, static var compensators (SVC), and static synchronous compensators (STATCOM) are offered with optimized equipment design, systems planning, controls and protection design, project management, and construction services. Today, Mitsubishi Electric supports an installed base of nearly 200 power electronics projects globally.

The Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. (MEPPI) Renewables Energy Solution Team leverages core competencies of project execution and engineering to partner with utility and developer customers on clean-energy projects. Utility-scale storage projects typically carry plenty of risk, but MEPPI offers a robust technology, the bankability of a financially-strong parent organization, a full warranty for all equipment, as well as long-term performance guarantees and service contracts. These Renewable Energy Solutions can be supplied as equipment only up to full turnkey options with project requirements and safety in mind.

MEPPI is proud to offer one of the most energy dense battery solutions utilizing Lithium-Ion (LFP) technology that meets UL9540A. This test certification was achieved at the cell, module, and system level for the safe installation of stationary energy storage. These considerations align with MEPPI's goal to provide best-in-class equipment that meets or exceeds industry safety standards.

Energy storage systems from MEPPI can be tailored to your project specifications and are designed to scale from 1MW to hundreds of MWs at varying durations from one to four hours. These systems can utilize pre-populated containerized solutions (designed to reduce installation time and save on cost) or modular building solutions tailored for the project requirements and site location. In addition to the battery system, MEPPI provides an integrated design that includes bi-directional inverters, medium voltage transformers, and an advanced energy management system.

MEPPI's Renewable Energy Solutions can assist customers in deploying energy storage systems to meet various applications and use cases that include solar smoothing, distribution deferral, outage management, and peak reduction. "Collaboration is a key part of what we do," said Product Line Manager Huw Carey. "We take the great technology in our supply chain and we couple that with the strong operational expertise of MEPPI, such as engineering, field start-up, and project management." Energy storage systems from MEPPI can provide further value streams that customers may decide to utilize. These include frequency regulation, energy arbitrage, demand charge reduction, spinning reserve, resource adequacy, renewable integration, voltage support, backup power, congestion relief, and more.


Source: Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
Date: Jul 14, 2020