Orbit Energy Ltd and Shell Energy Europe Ltd Announce Five-Year Agreement

Orbit Energy Ltd, an exciting new entrant to the Great Britain (GB) electricity and gas market, has agreed to an exclusive five-year deal with Shell Energy Europe Ltd for the supply of its power, gas and environmental products.

This agreement allows Orbit Energy to hedge its commodity risk and secure competitive energy prices for its customers, enabling accelerated growth in 2018.

"Adding Shell Energy Europe as our strategic trading partner allows us to provide stable prices and peace of mind to our customers from day one. This partnership is a critical milestone, one that will support sustainable growth through continuity of supply for all Orbit Energy customers"; said Tim Szakacs, Co-founder and CEO, Orbit Energy.

"Orbit Energy represents an exciting new opportunity for Shell Energy Europe Ltd as it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to partner with experienced management teams with proven success in energy supply markets." said Michael Siddique, Manager, Structured Energy Transactions for Shell Energy Europe Ltd.

Source: Orbit Energy Ltd
Date: Jun 12, 2018