Siemens Celebrates Full Commercial Operation of Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company's Mustang Plant

Siemens celebrated Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company’s (OG&E) gas-fired generating station, Mustang Energy Center, achieving full commercial operation in Oklahoma City, OK on March 31. As the technology partner for the project, Siemens supplied seven industry-leading aeroderivative gas turbines and generators for OG&E’s Mustang Plant which now has an output of approximately 462 megawatts (MW), and is capable of generating and transmitting electricity onto the grid within ten minutes.

The seven SGT-A65 units can individually provide up to 66 MW of power, helping to maximize output and meet the power needs of approximately 400,000 homes in Oklahoma City and within the Southwest Power Pool transmission system. OG&E chose to replace the Mustang facility’s 1950s area assets with Siemens’ SGT-A65 technologies because they are the highest simple cycle efficiency gas turbines in their class and can deliver the largest power output with the smallest environmental footprint, resulting in significant cost and fuel economy savings.

With the new turbines and generators, OG&E’s Mustang Plant will be highly responsive and fast-ramping with connections to nine transmission lines to ensure rapid electricity delivery during periods of renewable intermittency and emergency outages. The highly flexible SGT-A65 gas turbines (formerly known as Industrial Trent 60) offer these capabilities because they are derived from advanced aeroderivative technologies originally designed for aviation which can produce full power from a cold start in less than ten minutes.

“We’re proud to usher in this new era of generation technology,” said OGE Energy Corp. Chairman, President and CEO Sean Trauschke. “Mustang plays a critical role in the region’s growth and economic development. We now have a plant that is more efficient, more sustainable and more responsive while maintaining its legacy of providing affordable, reliable power.”

“We are very pleased to have supplied some of the most modern and advanced turbine technology to OG&E. These aeroderivative gas turbines are fast-ramping, efficient, and help integrate renewable energy technologies to ensure reliable power to customers in Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas. As more renewable energy comes online, these units are the perfect technology to support grid stability and help meet demand for peak power,” said John Gibson, Country Division Lead for U.S. Power and Gas, Siemens.”

Source: Siemens
Date: Apr 4, 2018