GE Selected As Lifecycle Partner for Poland's Largest Refinery Plant

  • Orlen, plant operator of the Plock refinery plant, has selected GE to increase the reliability and efficiency of its Unit 1 operation.
  • Elektrocieplownia Plock is the largest industrial unit of this type in Poland and delivers 414 MW of electric power to its production and 2149 MWt of heat to the neighboring city.
  • Under the contract, GE Steam Power will deliver a new steam turbine generator set, digital software and a 10-year service agreement.

GE Steam Power has been selected by Orlen to deliver a full life cycle power generation package for its Plock refinery plant which includes a new steam turbine generator set, Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) software and Industrial Managed Services, as well as a 10-year Multi-Year Agreement (MYA). This mix of industrial hardware, software and service expertise will help our customer increase the reliability and efficiency and extend the overall life of its plant.

“Consistent development of the energy area, assuming the use of an efficient cogeneration process, i.e. a process with the highest energy efficiency in heat and electricity generation, is one of our strategic directions,” said Jaroslaw Dybowski, Executive Director for Power Engineering at PKN ORLEN. “Thanks to new investments and development of the existing infrastructure, we are constantly strengthening our position on the electricity market, thus affecting the safety of our installations, but also Poland's energy security.”

Elektrocieplownia Plock is the largest industrial unit of this type in Poland. With GE’s modernization project, the plant will continue to deliver stable and reliable electricity and supply heat for its own production as well as the companies operating in the vicinity and the city of Plock for years to come.

The new steam turbine generator set will replace the existing equipment at Plock Unit 1, which has been in operation for the past 50 years. Under a turnkey contract, GE Steam Power will integrate the new steam turbine generator set and its auxiliaries into the existing turbine island. Unit 1’s output will increase from 55MW to 65MW along with a 10% increase in efficiency.

In addition, GE will deliver its Predix APM cloud-based software and connect the unit to a remote monitoring and diagnostic center to drive improved reliability and availability. APM provides real-time visibility into the health of assets and predicts and diagnoses issues before they occur with the help of predictive analytics. Reliability engineers will ensure the stable and reliable operations of the unit, each day, all year.

Once the unit is in operation, GE Steam Power and Fieldcore, a GE company, will provide ongoing inspection and maintenance support under the 10-year MYA. The MYA covers planned and unplanned maintenance, including minor and major inspections, with availability and efficiency guarantees of the steam turbine generator set.

“Power supply for an industrial plant is of paramount importance for our customers. We understand the need for a trusted partner who will be available at every step of the journey, from the first engineering drawing to day-to-day operations,” said Slawomir Zygowski, President of GE Power in Poland. “Our extensive experience in industrial plants, spanning over 100 years, and our unique set of offerings combining hardware and software, enable us to support one of the largest refinery plants in Europe.”

Source: General Electric (GE)
Date: Aug 27, 2019