Freedom Redefined: More Power for Caravan Owners

  • Development of an intelligent 48-Volt electrical system
  • Independent power supply inside the caravan
  • Maximum mobility and freedom without any compromises in comfort and convenience

Knaus Tabbert GmbH has agreed on comprehensive collaboration with Bosch Engineering GmbH. The goal of the contract is to develop a 48-Volt electrical system specially for recreational vehicles in order to decisively and sustainably improve the self-sufficiency of caravans. Knaus Tabbert COO/Managing Director Werner Vaterl: “As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles, we regard ourselves as drivers of innovation within the sector. Bosch Engineering GmbH, a fully-owned Bosch subsidiary, is our ideal partner, particularly when it comes to 48-Volt systems. Together we will work on the future of caravanning – our MISSION TEC established 5 years ago will continue.” And Frank Schmidt, Executive Vice President Bosch Engineering GmbH, adds: “With more than 20 years of experience as an engineering service provider, we have realized numerous customized mobility projects with partners and for customers. We are particularly delighted, therefore, to have Knaus Tabbert GmbH as a partner sharing our ambitions and joining us in driving this project forward.”

Infinite freedom
Caravan owners often dream of camping in secluded areas but unfortunately this desire for independence is often cut short by a lack of energy supply. The development of an innovative 48 Volt system, however, creates the basis for longer self-sufficient caravanning without compromising on essential comforts. In the future, campers will be able to enjoy the solitude of remote places for considerably longer than before without an external power source but equipped with powerful 48-Volt on-board voltage. A 48-Volt system is also regarded as key technology on the road to e-mobility. For Knaus Tabbert, this cooperation is a further milestone in the MISSION TEC in an effort to further revolutionize recreational vehicle design. The camper van and caravan manufacturer is therefore keeping pace with the automotive industry on the road to establishing this forward-looking technology.

Source: Bosch Power Tec
Date: Jul 17, 2019