Carbon Emissions Rose in 2017 Despite Record Solar & Wind - More Proof They Can't Save The Climate

Carbon emissions are on the rise despite record-breaking deployment of renewables, according to new BP Energy data released today.

“Despite the extraordinary growth in renewables in recent years,” said BP, “and the huge policy efforts to encourage a shift away from coal into cleaner, lower carbon fuels, there has been almost no improvement in the power sector fuel mix over the past 20 years.”

The data is further evidence that dilute and unreliable sources of energy like solar and wind cannot replace coal and other fossil fuels and will not lead to significant reductions in carbon emissions.

Coal grew one percent in 2017 — its first growth since 2013. For the last few years, energy analysts had speculated that we had reached “peak coal,” thanks to abundant cheap natural gas.

Natural gas consumption grew three percent globally and a whopping 15 percent in China in 2017.

The last few years have seen huge amounts of hype about India’s investment in solar, but according to BP, the global rise in coal consumption came mostly from India, and to a lesser extent, China.

Source: Forbes
Date: Jun 14, 2018